Employee giving

Employee giving

Our employees' generosity inspires us, and we support their giving with popular matching programs.

Access to technology does more than help students master 21st-century skills. It takes education further, faster, and it inspires a love of learning. With the right equipment, students can stretch the limits of what they know and make unexpected connections. That sparks daring new ideas and jump-starts growth.

We increase the contributions of our U.S. employees to schools and nonprofits with matching donations of money and products that have totaled $48 million USD since 2007.

HP encourages employees to support U.S. nonprofits and K–12 schools, colleges, and universities with equipment donations. Through the Employee Product Giving Program, employees pay just 25 percent of the list price of an HP product, and HP pays the remaining 75 percent. Since 2007, HP and our employees have donated $25 million worth of HP technology at list value.

Cash matching We also encourage employees to support the many causes they care about with cash donations. Through the HP Company Foundation Cash Matching Program, we match employees' donations to eligible nonprofit organizations dollar for dollar, up to $1,000 per employee. Since 2007, HP has donated $23 million through the program.