Herbal remedy business in China

Herbal remedy business in China

With our partners, HP LIFE has helped more than 10,000 others in China like Xiao develop the business and IT skills to get their ideas off the ground.

After more than a year of job hunting, 47-year-old Xiao saw no opportunities on the horizons. To make ends meet, he began growing and selling herbal remedies in his village in China. When he heard about HP LIFE, he jumped at the chance to learn IT and business skills. Since completing the program, Xiao's business has grown 10-fold.

Creating opportunity with technology

Drawing on the training he received from HP LIFE, Xiao developed a website for his business and honed his communication skills. Before the program, he'd never used the Internet. After the program, it became the key to his business's success. His website helps Xiao reach new customers daily, and his business has grown more quickly than he could have ever imagined. He now employs more than 2,100 people in 20 villages in China, and his company has become a popular local source for herbal remedies.

Having access to technology—and having the skills to use it effectively—is becoming a prerequisite for success for most aspiring entrepreneurs, no matter where they live. Yet technology and training is especially hard to come by in rural areas. By partnering with more than 200 organizations worldwide, HP LIFE is filling that need.

Before HP LIFE, Xiao had never used the Internet. Today the website he developed is driving the growth of his business, which employs more than 2,100 people in 20 villages.

In China, HP and our partners have provided 9,600 students, small business owners, and budding entrepreneurs like Xiao with the business and IT skills they need to get their ideas off the ground and build their businesses.

HP LIFE partners with 22 entrepreneur-training centers in China alone, delivering training that has helped establish 1,500 new businesses and create more than 10,000 jobs.

Xiao's story is just one of these success stories. It's a powerful example of HP LIFE in action, and proof that one person with a good idea and the right skills can enrich entire communities.