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Guidance solutions

HP is working with Guidance to help it reach its goal of becoming carbon neutral.

What started as a commitment to do good also turned out to be a savvy business strategy at Guidance Solutions, Inc., a thriving ecommerce solutions firm. Several years ago Guidance left a 10-year relationship with another vendor in favor of energy-efficient HP solutions.

A lot has happened since. From 2008 to 2010, the Guidance corporate office reduced its overall energy consumption 14%, thanks in part to ENERGY STAR®-qualified HP Business desktop PCs.

Meanwhile, the company’s environmental leadership—manifested in everything from educational services to beach cleanups—attracted a wealth of like-minded customers. Guidance has doubled its number of hosting clients, expanding its infrastructure but not its energy footprint with ENERGY STAR® qualified HP ProLiant servers.

The benefits of HP solutions at Guidance include not only fulfillment of the company’s environmental vision, but also happier employees and a more productive workplace. Help-desk calls reporting PC slowdowns or drive failures are greatly reduced.

We started looking for technologies more in line with our Guidance Green philosophy. Our HP Business desktop PCs are ENERGY STAR® qualified, and fast, quiet, powerful, reliable, and lightweight.

Jon Provisor
Chief information officer and co-owner, Guidance

"What began as a passion for the environment proved also to be an excellent business decision,” said Jon Provisor, chief information officer and Guidance co-owner. “The market for socially responsible hosting continues to grow, and HP provides the backbone of our ability to meet this need. We chose HP because we wanted computers that were energy-efficiency rated. It turns out that in addition, our application developers enjoy the speed, power and reliability of the HP tools, which ultimately enable them to code in a more efficient and stable environment."