Hewlett-Packard Company Foundation

HP Company Foundation

The Hewlett-Packard Company Foundation awards grants for humanitarian relief in communities hit by disaster, matches employee giving, and supports projects to improve education.

The Foundation coordinates with us on our employee donations and product giving. The Hewlett-Packard Company Foundation doesn't accept unsolicited grant requests.

Small gift, big gesture

We made our first charitable contribution in 1940, the year after Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard started the company. It was a $5 donation to local Palo Alto charities, given by a business that had all of three employees on the payroll. But while the gift was simple, the gesture was not. That donation signaled what was important to our founders—and what type of impact the company would have in the future.

Matter to a million

In 2014, the Foundation launched a five-year global partnership with Kiva, a microlending nonprofit that enables people to make microloans to small business owners who need access to capital to start or grow their enterprise. Our employees worldwide received a $25 credit to make a loan to a Kiva borrower. Once made, the loans will provide capital to entrepreneurs in more than 70 countries, enabling them to buy food, tools, supplies, livestock, and other essential items. This is a unique program, which we believe will change the lives of millions of people, creating a ripple effect across hundreds of villages, towns, and cities around the world.

Employee giving

In 2013, nearly 10,400 employees participated in the HP U.S. Employee Cash Matching and Product Matching Programs. Along with these employees and the Hewlett-Packard Company Foundation, we together provided more than $13.3 million to NGOs and schools through cash and product donations.

Disaster relief

In 2013, the Foundation worked with top nongovernmental organizations to deliver millions of dollars in life-saving aid to China, India, Philippines, and United States. In addition, we, our employees, and the Foundation donated more than $1.9 million of money and equipment in response to natural disasters in partnership with organizations such as Save the Children and the American Red Cross. Cash and product contributions were donated towards the China earthquake, India flooding, Cyclone Phailin, Typhoon Utor, Trami and Hurricane Sandy relief efforts, and others.