Japanese tsunami disaster relief

 Japanese tsunami disaster relief

HP and our employees remain committed to helping the people of Japan recover.

In the wake of the unprecedented natural disaster in Japan, HP, our employees, and the Hewlett-Packard Company Foundation committed more than $2.3 million USD in technology and cash donations to organizations performing short- and long-term relief work.

The HP Company Foundation gave grants totaling $500,000 USD to Japanese Red Cross and to Save the Children, two of the first organizations

to respond after the earthquake. It also pledged $350,000 to match employee contributions.

In Tokyo, Miyagi, and Fukushima, HP set up laptops running HP Visual Collaboration, our software-based video conferencing solution. HP Visual Collaboration enabled virtual face-to-face communication among workers, survivors, and others between Tokyo and harder hit areas.

In addition to cash donations, HP and our employees gave laptops, HP Visual Collaboration software, printers, printer cartridges, and paper to help relief organizations quickly reach those in need of help.

HP and our employees worked with the government, regional agencies and other businesses to deliver equipment and services where they were needed most. Teaming with nonprofits InterConnection and NetHope, HP joined Microsoft and Dell in providing laptops to relief agencies like Oxfam Japan to assist with communications and relief coordination.

In addition, HP provided printers, paper, and print cartridges to ensure relief agencies and workers remained fully operational. Paper-based documentation and communication was crucial following the disaster, given the crippled infrastructure and intermittent power supply.

HP has a long history of responding to needs in communities around the world. The people of Japan face overwhelming challenges as they continue the rebuilding process, and HP is committed to supporting their efforts.