Every child in India has a fundamental right to education. Yet only about half of all youngsters can access a primary school, and just 12.4 percent of India’s 220 million children attend college.

Even those who attend school don't always receive appropriate opportunities and tools. Many schools in India adopt a “one-size-fits-all” approach that leaves weaker students behind and slows down stronger students. The school system faces challenges in training and retaining good quality teachers.

HP responded by piloting a new education solution and approach to learning called VideoBook. VideoBook recently won the Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award for Education 2012.

Developed by HP Labs and supported by HP Sustainability & Social Innovation, VideoBook turns plain text documents into media rich documents, bringing subjects to life.

VideoBook software identifies key topics in the text and then sources appropriate videos from the internet and school repositories. The book page and videos are presented side by side. Students get multiple perspectives on the same topic, broadening their outlook.

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