HP LIFE e-Learning


HP LIFE e-Learning uses HP’s innovative cloud-based technology to help millions of entrepreneurs and students learn essential business and IT skills to establish and grow their own businesses, create jobs, and help support a thriving community.


  • More than 75 million unemployed and underemployed people around the world lack access to information and business and IT skills training that could help them develop or support a business idea.
  • Entrepreneurs are the backbone of the global economy. When new ideas and innovations enter the market, communities and economies thrive.


Empower entrepreneurs with free, online access to high-quality educational resources to help them learn or sharpen their business and IT skills on their own time, at their own pace.


  • We partnered with leading educational organizations, such as Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC), to design an open-platform, interactive, online learning curriculum accessible to virtually anyone, anywhere—free of charge.
  • HP LIFE e-Learning curriculum is self-paced and includes core business categories, such as communications, finance, marketing, and operations along with special topics, like social entrepreneurship and energy efficiency, to help students enhance their skills. Students receive a certificate of completion for each module.
  • Modules are added and updated constantly, with the learning experience enhanced by an online community of like-minded people, tips, resource links, and forums offered to students.


Society: HP LIFE e-Learning bridges the knowledge gap that many students and entrepreneurs face that prevents them from turning their business ideas into action. HP LIFE e-Learning uses HP cloud technology to make training available to virtually anyone, giving people the skills to improve their lives.

Entrepreneurs are the backbone of the global economy. Access to high-quality business and IT education helps launch or grow businesses, create jobs, and stimulate economic growth.