Homemade success in India

Homemade success in India

With her new skills, Vanajakshi plans to diversify and grow her business by making other products.

Struggling to survive on two dollars a day, Vanajakshi Ravindra Lokhande could only dream of starting her own business. Then she attended an HP LIFE entrepreneur training program, where she learned the business and information technology skills that changed her life and her family's future.

Making a large scale change

Meeting basic needs was a day-to-day challenge for Vanajakshi and her husband, who supported their three children on the meager income they earned from manual labor. When she learned about HP LIFE—which provides students, aspiring entrepreneurs, and small business owners with training and tools to harness the power of IT—she saw an opportunity to make a better life. After attending the program, Vanajakshi received a microloan of USD $40 and began making pickles in her home. She began selling them house to house and at local fairs. Thanks to her new business skills and confidence using technology, her efforts quickly paid off. She now earns enough to save $80 each month.

Thanks to the computer training, I was the first in my village to use digital scales.

Vanajakshi Ravindra Lokhande

The basic computer training she received through the HP LIFE program prompted Vanajakshi to use simple technology to give her business an edge. For example, she was the first person in her village to use digital instead of manual scales, which helped her business become more efficient.

Vanajakshi is a great example of how a successful start with help from HP LIFE can lead to even greater success. With her new skills, Vanajakshi plans to diversify and grow her business by making other products. She applied for a USD $600 loan at her local bank to buy a noodle machine and set up for large-scale production.

Building a better life Vanajakshi 's story also shows how HP LIFE can set in motion long-term change. Within two years, the business and IT skills Vanajakshi learned have had a huge impact on her family and her future. Today, she not only supports her family's basic needs, but she also makes enough income to save for her children's education. She plans to buy her own computer to handle her business accounting and to teach her children the skills they'll need to succeed.