mHealth Alliance

mHealth Alliance

HP is partnering with mHealth Alliance in using mobile technology to transform healthcare services delivery.

The use of mobile technology has exploded globally. Soon, wireless networks will cover 90% of the world's population, providing the opportunity to deliver healthcare like never before.

Today, HP is partnering with mHealth Alliance (mHA) to improve healthcare and health systems around the globe, using mobile technology to access the furthest reaches of wireless networks. Working with a diverse group of partners, mHA advances mobile

healthcare—or mHealth—through research, advocacy, and support to develop sustainable, repeatable, and interoperable solutions.

HP's financial, technical, and project support to mHA significantly expands its ability to optimize the partnerships, solutions, and deployments of mobile technology, enabling healthier lives for all.

A founding partner of mHealth Alliance, HP contributes expertise and technology to mobile health innovations that work across networks and can grow to meet the needs of communities around the world.

As a founding partner, HP supports the core activities of mHA, including the Health UnBound (HUB) online community, which facilitates global knowledge sharing and collaborative solution development.

HP's support also helps the mHA-led Maternal mHealth Initiative. Working with both public and private stakeholders, the initiative will couple information and communications technology expertise with that of maternal, newborn, and child health practitioners, to develop solutions to reduce maternal and infant mortality, and create healthier mothers and children.