Operational performance

Operational performance

Innovating to reduce our environmental footprint

Responsibly managing HP’s global operations is not only a cornerstone of our commitment to sustainability, it also strengthens our business.

We're a leader in developing innovative solutions that help reduce our consumption of resources such as energy, paper, and water, and we cut greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through new programs and technologies.

HP employees play a vital role in all these efforts. Through initiatives like the HP Sustainability Network and HP Eco Advocate program, employees help drive environmental practices that benefit our company, customers, and the communities we live in.

Our initiatives allow us to reduce emissions, use our own solutions to drive innovation, and improve energy and resource efficiency.

We put many of our most promising technologies to work in our operations, which helps reduce our environmental impact while learning from and improving solutions to better serve partners and customers.

In 2011, we reduced GHG emissions from operations by 20% from our 2005 baseline, meeting our 2013 goals two years early. We accomplished this using our own products and services, as well as those of strategic partners that help us better measure and monitor energy consumption.

Programs in Action



Improving building design

As one of the world's largest technology companies, we know the impact our operations have on resources. We work to reduce our environmental footprint by using office space more efficiently and improving building design.

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