Our legacy

Our legacy

Our founders Bill and Dave were ahead of their time. They believed that HP is more than a company—it's an opportunity to make a difference.

Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard were pioneers in recognizing that beyond making a profit, a company has a responsibility to make life better for its customers, partners, employees, and stakeholders. Today, HP's Office of Global Social Innovation puts their ideals into action every day, applying HP talent and technology to make a positive difference in health, education, entrepreneurship, and communities around the world.

The real reason HP exists

Our founders had big ideas about their company and its place in the world: “I think many people assume, wrongly, that a company exists simply to make money,” said Dave Packard. “While this is an important result of a company's existence, we have to go deeper and find the real reasons for our being.”

We live by the first Rule of the Garage:
Believe you can change the world.

The reason, he said, is this: A group of people form a company because “they are able to accomplish something collectively which they could not accomplish separately. They are able to do something worthwhile—they make a contribution to society.”

Continuing the legacy

Over the past six decades, HP has grown into the world's largest technology company, and the HP Office of Global Social Innovation holds true to our founders' dedication to responsible global citizenship. As part of this commitment, we've invested millions of dollars in educational, environmental, and community initiatives in dozens of countries around the world.

We know technology can transform how people do business. To make an even bigger difference, we're devoting our people, innovative technology, and global presence to the task of improving and saving lives around the world.