Partners HealthCare

Partners HealthCare

Since 2003, HP and Partners HealthCare have teamed up to revolutionize personalized medicine.

We're working with Partners HealthCare to help scientists advance personalized medicine, giving clinicians the ability to make treatment and medication decisions based on a patient's genetic profile.

Genetic tests already guide treatment for heart disease and several types of cancer. With HP's technology innovations and Partners HealthCare's medical expertise, we have the power to take this important work to the next

level and improve outcomes for all patients.

Partners HealthCare is a world-renowned healthcare provider, research institution and affiliate of Harvard Medical School. Founded in 2001, Partners HealthCare Center for Personalized Genetic Medicine's (PCPGM) mission is to utilize genetics and genomics to improve patient care throughout the Partners HealthCare network and in healthcare nationally and globally. The PCPGM is an international leader in genome sequencing. Since 2003 HP and the PCPGM have collaborated to create an enterprise IT infrastructure designed to effectively bridge research and clinical care.

We help Partners HealthCare bring together genetic research and clinical care with powerful IT infrastructure that helps scientists easily share tools and ideas.

In the initial phase of its collaboration, HP and Partners HealthCare focused on building an IT infrastructure that offered ample storage, memory and processing power to support the advances in genetic sequencing technologies. That infrastructure laid the groundwork for a new software system that lets labs across the country submit and retrieve biological samples.

The HP–Partners IT foundation allows researchers to hear, see and do things never before possible. For example, doctors can now listen to the activity of an individual brain neuron. As a result, they've discovered that seizure activity is very different than they once thought, opening up new possibilities for epilepsy treatment.

A different group of researchers uses the IT infrastructure to improve nuclear medicine imaging quality and better diagnose patients. "Everything that we do is a question of computer power–speed, more memory, faster disks," says Dr. Stephen Moore, director of nuclear medicine physics at Brigham and Women's Hospital and associate professor of radiology at Harvard Medical School. "With the HP-Partners HealthCare IT infrastructure, we can simulate nuclear medicine imaging systems on 100 computers at once and get results 100 times as quickly."