Small organic business owner

Small organic business owner

HP LIFE gave Nasim Hashemi the skills necessary to grow her business.

Each week, Nasim Hashemi's company, Freshness Farms, delivers local, certified organic food—including produce, bread, eggs, honey, and more—to businesses in Silicon Valley, California.

Sessions Strengthen Marketing Strategy

Nasim credits much of her company's success to the courses she took through HP LIFE. "After completing the courses I took immediate action. I organized a database of potential and existing clients and began communicating with them on a regular basis," she says. "Since then, I've doubled my client base and tripled revenue."

HP LIFE's marketing sessions helped Nasim strengthen her marketing strategy and focus on growing her business. "I went back to my original marketing plan, added our mission statement, and updated it with new strategies. Now I'm at a turning point—I need more time for leadership and business development, so I'm looking at hiring two full-time employees."

Now I have the tools I need to become more successful.

Nasim Hashemi
Owner of Freshness Farms

"I took the HP LIFE courses because I wanted to live a better life, and I knew that I had to do something and I didn't have the tools to do it," says Nasim. "Now I have the tools I need to become more successful. I feel so strong—there's this world ahead of me that I am building. It's amazing how empowered I feel."