Social Innovation Relay

Social Innovation Relay

Getting young people excited about entrepreneurship is an investment in future job creation.

Entrepreneurship can also be the path to addressing global social issues – generating not just profits but lasting social value.

Recognizing this, HP created the Social Innovation Relay in partnership with Junior Achievement Young Enterprise Europe (JA-YE).

This worldwide competition challenges students 15 through 18 to create innovative business concepts to help solve some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

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Programs in action

2013 Social Innovation Relay Winner

Innovators Youth, a team of students from India, won the 2013 Social Innovation Relay with a creative concept for a revolutionary building material.

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2012 Social lnnovation Relay Winner

Emulsified Environmentalists, a team of students from South Africa, won the 2012 Social Innovation Relay, a worldwide competition that encourages young students to develop ideas to help solve some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

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2011 Social lnnovation Relay Winner

A team of high school students from Nizhnekamsk, Russia, won the first Social Innovation Relay, a global competition where teams of students from 13 participating countries designed projects that could have a significant positive social impact.

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