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full circle
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Veronique Baudon,
Head of Partnerships, Wearables and IoT, HP

Meet Veronique Baudon, Head of Partnerships for HP Wearable and IoT. She is enjoying an amazing 20 year journey with HP. She has been managing partnerships from startups to Fortune 100 companies for 15 years. Now, within the Chief Technology Office (CTO) at HP—where innovation is culture—she experiences a different spin on partnership, and with the "Engineered by HP" brand, Wearable and IoT team she has demonstrated the ability to partner and launch smartwatches with fashion designers and famous brands. Veronique is married and a mother of two, and passionate about education and volleyball.

Amp up product innovation with design thinking

The intersection of creativity and innovation has produced some of the greatest products of the past two decades. Design thinking—applying a creative solution to a challenge or need in order to produce a better future outcome—has become the cornerstone of successful technology and consumer innovation. In our next issue we will deep dive into design thinking methodology, and how HP, our partners and customers are applying it to products, infrastructure, user experience and channel advancements.