Harnessing the power of data

Communications Service Providers (CSP) possess treasure troves of consumer data. We help the world’s leading CSP gain actionable insight into usage patterns, preferences and interests in a real-time context, whether data is structured or unstructured. The insight can help you identify new services to offer, create new revenue streams and optimize your existing network investments.

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Our focus at customer insight is via 4 main business directions:

  • Network optimization - Transform your network operation with Data-Driven intelligence
  • New Revenue streams - Generate new CSP revenues with analytics Biz-to-Biz models
  • Marketing Optimization - Interact with customers using 1-to-1 personalized context based approach.
  • Revenue Protection - Protect revenues, fight fraud and avoid leakage

Our Telecom Analytics Smart Profile Server (TASPS) is built from the ground up to handle telco data from variery of sources in a secure and controlled manner, analyze it in realtime via a large gallery of Analytics plug-in solutions.

Use your Big Data Gain actionable intelligence with HPE TASPS
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