Migrate, consolidate and virtualize your service platforms and applications for the new digital economy

Our HPE Network Applications solutions and products embrace the evolution of broadband networks. This enables CSPs to keep driving new revenue from their current network services, and reduce operational and capital expenditures. HPE can help you implement migration, consolidation and virtualization of your network services, which can decrease time to market for new and modified multimedia applications.


Value Added Services Transformation

As CSPs have a need to transform their VAS infrastructure and modernize applications to reduce complexity and cost, the VAS Transformation solution allows you to move from a silo-based architecture to a common shared platform that enables significant cost savings, in particular if this can be made in a converged approach across various access networks leading to an NFV and all IP migration.

VAS infrastructures can cover a wide variety of services such as Interactive Voice Response (IVR) services, call control services, and other voice, video, texting services such as voice or video mail.

As an optional component of the VAS Transformation solution, the MSE Campaign Scheduler Solution conducts cost-effective IVR or SMS campaigns towards your subscribers by providing scheduling and management capabilities for outgoing call applications.

Virtual VAS for Voice over LTE (VoLTE)

Virtual VAS for VoLTE solution provides an answer to the needs of CSPs to drive rapid application creation with a single multimedia services environment and offer new innovative services for VoLTE, IMS and Web.

WebRTC Applications and Enablement

The WebRTC Applications and Enablement solution, that includes the HPE WebRTC Gateway Controller, integrates Real Time Communication in any web page, such as chatting with an expert and switching to Audio/Video calls without need for any plug-ins. Examples include click-to-call, multi-device communication services, screen sharing, video sharing, call recording, audio and video conferencing, voice mail access, and unified communication.


Prepare for the future by transforming your Value-Added Services

HPE provides you with a strategic approach to VAS business transformation with a complete portfolio of solutions and services.

  • Drive innovation by opening the architecture with APIs for the app developer community
  • Enable rapid application creation across networks with a converged multimedia and call services environment
  • Reduce cost by consolidating all services on a proven software based architecture ready for Network Function Virtualization

We invite you to participate in a VAS Transformation workshop with our experienced HPE Solution Consultant Services (SCS) team.



  • HPE Multimedia Services Environment (HPE MSE) – offers everything you need to develop and run a large number of compelling Interactive Multimedia Applications on a shared infrastructure. As components of HPE MSE, the MSE USSD and SMS Gateways complement the voice channel capabilities of HPE MSE with Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) and Short Message Services channels for application initiated or user initiated interactions.
  • HPE OpenCall Media Platform (HPE OCMP) Media Resource Function (MRF) – a scalable, standards-supporting (TDM, IP and Voice XML), carrier-grade multimedia server with service creation environment capabilities, helps you accelerate the development and deployment of interactive access to content, person-to-person and community multimedia services. It includes protocol connectivity to many back-end systems, a reporting system, and a GSMA OneAPI-based interface for service development.
  • HPE OpenCall Convergent Communication Platform (HPE OCCP) – a high-performance Telecom Application Server, based on open-technologies, for convergent next-generation Intelligent Networks, with powerful service-orchestration capabilities and the ability to coexist with legacy Intelligent Network Service Control Points. A wide range of applications have been deployed on top of it by HPE and partners.
  • HPE OpenCall Universal Signaling Platform (HPE USP-M) – our signaling platforms have followed the market signaling evolution for the last 30 years and HPE is keeping them as state of the art technology by proposing them as a VNF specific NFV configuration. The HPE USP-M platform allows to evolve applications toward all IP infrastructure with M3UA SIGTRAN connectivity and support for TCAP, SCCP and MTP applications.
  • HPE WebRTC Gateway Controller integrates legacy services and WebRTC endpoints, generating a new set of use cases to enhance existing services while offering Telco functionalities to new digital WebRTC services.