The excellence of intelligence support

HPE Investigation offers a wide range of Intelligence Support Solutions (ISS) to handle massive amounts and varying types of data in a flexible, secure and efficient manner. This standards-based solution complies with regulations to help you fulfill required information requests.


HPE delivers a comprehensive portfolio of intelligence support solutions that meet the requirements for today’s converged communications services. HPE Investigation solutions offer a fully-integrated, real-time approach to store and capture any type of data and fulfill legal requests for communications records.

The HPE Investigation solutions address these six critical areas:

  • Data Retention: Innovative capture and management of communications activity and other data
  • Warrant/Request management: Process-driven re-engineering of warrant handling
  • Lawful Interception, monitoring and analysis: Innovative lawful interception capabilities for IP services and next generation networks
  • Large Event Archive solution: Solution to ease access to critical operations data
  • DRAGON Blue: Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology provides real-time data capture with probes
  • Intelligence Support Service in cloud: Offering flexibility, low cost, easy implementation and legal compliance in a cloud solution

Management and Analytics

Information Management and Analytics

An integrated business intelligence foundation to unleash the power of your information

HPE Telecom Analytics

Actionable insight. New revenue streams. Better network utilization.