Device and subscriber/SIM provisioning in real-time

HP covers the complete cycle of new device introduction within the CSP’s network. For example, provisioning and managing new SIM, number and IMSI profile with Dynamic SIM Provisioning (DSP), and checking the compliancy of mobile devices attaching to networks with Device Compliance Management, for both consumer and Internet Of Things (IoT) devices. Or managing consumers’ devices and their capabilities with Mobile Device Management (MDM).


This set of solutions bring capabilities to the Service Providers and Telecom Regulators to:

  • Assist service providers in their initiatives to reduce operational costs
  • Limit churn
  • Improve service uptake
  • Enable you to quickly roll out new services that are key concerns today
  • Validate that mobile devices comply to appropriate legal framework.

DSP Solution

Being able to push-to-market large volumes of SIM cards is a competitive advantage for service providers is a means to win market share and deliver marketing plans. The DSP Solution is used to decrease the cost associated with the inactive SIM cards in inventory while building a control point. Many use cases such as WARM SIMs – activating in real-time new subscriptions as SIM attach for the first time to the network - or SLEEPING SIMs – de-provisioning network resources associated to subscriptions which are not generating enough activity on the network - can be tackled by HP DSP solution.

Doing so delivers efficiency and flexibility in the SIM Supply Chain. Starting with the dynamic MSISDN allocation deferred to the time of SIM card activation and leveraging on an open, scalable and modular architecture that adapts to the need, and roadmap of service providers. DSP is all the more relevant to IoT where the CSP level of control on the SIM lifecycle is significantly reduced. DSP can help service providers to become leaner and implement SIM/ID registration process if required and manage the pool of MSISDN allocated by Telecom Regulator in the most efficient manner.

Device Compliance Management Solution

This solution enables both the mobile operators via Equipment Identity Register (EIR) and the telecom regulators via Central or National EIR (C-EIR or N-EIR) to allow or block network access to mobile devices on their own networks or at a country level depending on their level of compliancy

Compliancy could be covering aspects such as:

  • Was the device reported as stolen?
  • Is the IMEI a valid one?
  • Was the device re-programmed with a cloned/duplicated IMEI?
  • Was the device imported legally?
  • Was the device type approved by the Telecom Regulator?

The Mobile industry is facing various issues such as the development of international smuggling of stolen devices as well as grey and counterfeit devices proliferation in some specific geographies – which impacts the legal economy, the quality of service and public safety – and must be tackled.

MDM Solution

The MDM Solution integrates standards-based hardware, HP Intellectual Property, and selected best-in-class partner software in a proven reference architecture encompassing everything from automated device detection and configuration to firmware OTA. The main benefits of MDM are:

  • Lower call-center costs
  • Reduce churn with real-time insight into the handset population dynamic
  • Increase service enablement.

New services enablement covering Rich Communication Services (RCS) or VoLTE/IMS future ones can be offered with the HP MDM solution via various mechanisms such as OMA CP, DM or based on a Hyper-text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) secure (HTTPS) request with an Auto-Configuration Server (ACS) as per GSMA specifications.

Traffic management between multiple access networks such as WIFI and 3G/4G – via Access network discovery and selection function (ANDSF) is also available to mobile operators with HP MDM solution.