Personalization for profit through real-time policies

HP SNAP provides a differentiated customer experience by linking real-time network and charging controls with subscriber data and application-specific information.

It helps improve the overall service experience, reduce costs, optimize usage of network resources and enables new business models to capitalize on emerging opportunities and niche markets.

HP SNAP solution brief
Read how HP SNAP addresses key Service Provider issues in managing data volume growth, controlling network costs, monetizing usage and providing personalized services to their customers.


Service providers capitalize on opportunities

Taking a fresh approach to policy implementations, HP SNAP integrates policy control with charging, rating, subscriber data and promotions. This unique, all-inclusive approach brings together the subscriber, network and applications, which enables service providers to manage the policy-related challenges of the data services explosion.

HP SNAP open architecture includes 3 key functional elements:

  • Unified Policy Manager
  • Real-time Charging
  • Promotions & Campaigns Manager

Together, it offers a step-wise approach towards defining and implementing your long-term policy management strategy.

With Policy 2.0-based architecture, combining subscriber awareness and fine-grained policy rules, HP SNAP helps service providers to:

  • Personalize the experience per subscriber.
  • Maximize revenue by offering tiered products and services.
  • Reduce costs by optimizing QoE and QoS based on network conditions.
  • Communicate with subscribers in real-time.
  • Enable subscribers to tailor plans and services to their specific needs.