Outsource middle and back-office functions

Back-office administration can use up a hefty amount of resources. There are tasks around application review, credit decisions and approval. Add to that the responsibilities of loan maintenance, statements, regulation changes and collections—all of which involve interacting with your customers and managing the administration. General, administrative and IT functions are all important facets of consumer loans, but those tasks can be costly and distracting from tracking portfolio performance or the introduction of new products.

HP Consumer Loan Services makes it easy to deal with the ongoing challenges of managing your loan portfolio. From origination to final payment, our outsourcing services can handle the middle and back-office functions of consumer loan processing.

Keep your system under lock

Processing consumer loans takes multiple skill sets—banking knowledge, legal expertise, labor management, business process optimization and technological intelligence. Outsourcing, whether in whole or in part, is a way to easily get that expertise.

Our service delivery model helps improve process flow, cut down costs and boost profitability—all while improving your customers’ experiences. You’ll be able to focus on real business transformation, not the lift and shift of back-office tasks. You get to select the services you need, keep technology that already works and choose only the components that make real business sense.

Your customers will get fast and reliable loan service and you’ll get a customized solution that adheres to your specific policies and regulations.