The pressure on hospitals is greater than ever. And so are the opportunities.

Digital Hospital Industry

The HP Digital Hospital Solution delivers an integrated patient-centric environment orchestrating a fully interconnected, real-time health system. It is based on the HP integration engine, a Service Oriented Architecture that is pervasive, interoperable, secure and highly available.

It holistically addresses the IT needs of the most complex and critical elements of healthcare delivery in inpatient settings. The Digital Hospital features an expanded solution framework and formal reference architectures.

The HP Digital Hospital Solution helps you reduce patient wait times and reduce medication error rates. These solutions facilitate information sharing to enhance collaboration and clinical staff efficiency. These benefits improve physicians’ abilities to make clinical decisions.

Achieve measurable benefits

We have helped hospital providers realize measurable benefits such as*:


  • 30% increased outpatient capacity
  • 6% year over year productivity improvement
  • Annual savings of $30 million USD


  • 95% reduction in walk-in clinic visits
  • 72% reduction in emergency room visits
  • 33% reduction in prescription delivery time

Improved patient experience:

  • 20% decline in average length of stay
  • 94% patient satisfaction
  • 100% patient information accuracy

To learn more about transforming the way healthcare is managed read the solution overview:
Digital Hospital Solution Overview
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*Source: HP Digital Hospital Solution At-A-Glance, 4AA4-1539ENW, PDF

HP Digital Hospital Solution in 6 chapters

Digital Hospital Industry

The Digital Hospital requires broad and agile mobility, unforgiving security, precise information management, robust and sophisticated analytics, and applications modernization. Discover how you can seize cloud, mobility and big data to reduce costs while increasing the quality of care.

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HP Digital Hospital Solution-complete series (47:50 minutes)

Chapter 1: Introduction and overview (16:15 minutes)

Chapter 2: Care orchestration (5:57 minutes)

Chapter 3: Integrated patient-centric environment (4:50 minutes)

Chapter 4: HP Digital Hospital Solution Framework (5:57 minutes)

Chapter 5: HP Enterprise Services that get you there (8:43 minutes)

Chapter 6: HP Digital Hospital Solutions (6:12 minutes)

The HP Digital Hospital Framework

The HP Digital Hospital framework is a Services Oriented Architecture, that integrates all functions within and without of the hospital. It is a modular, scalable, integrated, functional design and implementation that allows for reliable information flow.

We deliver this Digital Hospital framework by providing specific services and solutions including:


Digital Hospital Industry
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