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We need your skills at HP. Technical talent, team building, dedication, and focus—as a veteran joining our team, you’ll draw on those strengths, and more, to help our customers get the best from technology. You’ll get training here you can’t find anywhere else.

We’re dedicated to connecting veterans with the private sector. We’ve aligned with the White House’s IT Training and Certification Partnership to enable thousands of service members to get certified in IT. We also have our own program, HP ExpertOne, which helps service members earn certifications, IT skills and experience. As a veteran, you’ve sacrificed so much. You deserve a level playing field—and we’ll work hard to deliver.

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What our Veterans are saying

  • Carl Gayles, 21 years in the U.S. Army.

    As I started my transition from the U.S. Army, my acquisition skill set and background led me to explore IT companies. I found my best fit with EDS, a company that was purchased by HP in 2009. The organization’s strong identification with former and retired military has always been very important to me.

    HP is much more than just a printer or PC company. You don’t have to be an IT expert or an engineer to work here, so no matter what skills, education and experience you have, you can contribute to HP’s success. Understand that you may have to start at a level that’s different from what you last performed on active duty. That’s okay – get hired, learn the business, adapt to the culture, and establish your own path to success.

    Carl Gayles 21 years in the U.S. Army Highest Rank: Lieutenant Colonel Current role: Senior Program/Contracts Manager in the Strategy, Competitive Intelligence and GWACs Group
  • I chose to come here because I had already worked with HP extensively, and I had great trust in the brand—and great experiences with HP people.

    If you’re thinking about coming to HP as a veteran, my advice is simple: Take the leap! Like the military, HP has a rich heritage, and you will find the same sense of teamwork and mission dedication here that you knew while serving. Your experience here can be just as rewarding as your service.

    Derrick Wilson 6 years in the U.S. Navy Highest Rank: Petty Officer, Second Class Current role: ITO Service Delivery Manager, MH/VA Account, VA RTLS ESE
  • Coming out of the Marine Corps, my priority was to capitalize on my skills and experience as a Communications Systems Officer. HP’s size and the opportunity to make an impact on the company and its customers made my decision to join the team easy. HP seemed like the ideal place for me to kick-start the next chapter of my career.

    Coming here, you don’t have to forget the values that were instilled in you during your time in the service. Honor, courage, commitment, and loyalty apply at HP too. And HP has numerous resources to help get you up to speed. In the military, we are taught that the team and mission are the main priorities. Here at HP, that remains the same—each of us has a mission to accomplish in order for the team to succeed. With your military background, you understand that better than anyone.

    Frank Camp 6 years in U.S. Marine Corps Highest Rank: Captain Current role: Customer Project/Program Manager III, CoSC Engineering & Implementation Project Support Office, HPES-EPO
  • After 21 years in the Air Force, I learned the importance of commitment, reliability and a strong work ethic. I viewed HP as a company that values hard work and dedication, and knew this was a place where I could grow my career. I have the opportunity every day to work with team members who are experts in our field, which helps me push myself further and expand my thinking. HP is a great place to work.

    If you’re considering HP, I’d encourage you to network with people inside the company and learn more about the opportunities. Go to one of HP’s many career fairs and networking events that give veterans the opportunity to meet with senior-level HP members. And when you do network with HP, emphasize your military background and how it has influenced your work ethic. These are important things that reflect your drive and commitment, and they should not be overlooked.

    Joanie Seeger 21 years in the U.S. Air Force Highest Rank: Master Sergeant Current role: Delivery Manager for Consulting and Intelligence
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