The next-generation architectures from HP Converged Storage—featuring HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage and HP StoreVirtual Storage—enhance and simplify any virtualized client or server project.

With differentiated technologies and best-in-class integration with leading ISV partners, HP Storage delivers the following value:

  • Integration from software to silicon through the HP 3PAR StoreServ ASIC
  • Complete, integrated management for storage, servers and networking
  • Proven, multi-year record delivering software-defined storage
  • New hyper-converged platform enables simple deployment with enterprise features and performance

Optimize with flash

Flash storage without the compromises is achievable with HP 3PAR StoreServ products. The agility and efficiency of HP 3PAR StoreServ’s single interoperable set of Tier-1 data services are designed to meet the demands of virtualized environments. As a result, you can confidently virtualize even your most demanding Tier-1 applications, regardless of their size.


Accelerate deployment with hyper-convergence

Simplify, optimize and virtualize—the core of hyper-convergence. HP’s new virtualization platform combines server, storage, networking and management software into a single, easy-to-deploy appliance. Reduce your deployment time of virtual desktops or servers from hours to minutes. Gain the enterprise features and performance demanded by server virtualization. Shift valued resources from mundane tasks to strategic work.


Deploy storage without buying storage

Optimized for VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V environments, HP StoreVirtual VSA creates a virtual array within your hypervisor and scales as storage needs evolve. Build enterprise-level virtual SAN functionality into your server infrastructure and achieve lower cost of ownership and superior ease of management.


Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office streamlines virtualized infrastructure

“Implementing a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) has been on our radar for many years now. Doing this with HP Client Virtualization ensures the high availability and security of data that is essential for protecting our citizens.”

—Chip Lemons, senior systems/network administrator, Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office

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Ready to accelerate your server virtualization projects? HP Converged Storage solutions deliver the differentiated performance, integration, management and availability—needed for a complete virtualization deployment—from data protection to mission-critical applications to hyper-convergence.  

Are you facing these challenges?

  • Time to value roadblocks—costs, complexity and integration
  • Outdated storage architecture stressed by virtualized, random I/O
  • Lower-than-expected ROI due to low VM density and storage inefficiencies
  • Inadequate availability and performance to virtualize critical workloads
  • Higher administration overhead resulting from management complexities

HP storage solutions can help:

  • Deliver a virtualized platform that can get you up and running in under 15 minutes
  • Achieve consistent performance at scale with dynamic and unpredictable workloads
  • Double VM density and cut capacity requirements in half—guaranteed
  • Virtualize Tier-1 applications with confidence—maximize availability without compromising performance
  • Reduce administration with integration into virtualization management tools

HP Storage Solutions for VMware Virtualization Brochure (PDF, 958 KB)
HP Storage Solutions for Microsoft Hyper-V Brochure (PDF, 2 MB)


Virtualize mission-critical applications

Server virtualization—when combined with a solid storage platform—can actually increase the agility, reliability, and scalability of Tier-1 applications. HP storage solutions have the performance and availability you need to virtualize your mission-critical applications with confidence.

Deploy virtualized environments in <15 minutes

For rapid deployments of virtual applications and desktops, choose the HP ConvergedSystem 200-HC StoreVirtual, which seamlessly combines simple management, powerful compute and mature storage services in a single appliance with enterprise features and performance.

Interested in deploying your own software-defined storage solution? HP StoreVirtual VSA allows you to build enterprise-level virtual array functionality into your server infrastructure to deliver lower cost of ownership and superior ease of management.

Protect virtualized environments

Disruptions in a consolidated, virtualized environment can be costly. HP storage can help take your virtualization environment to the next level with a complete set of data protection solutions—from rapid recovery software to long-term archiving products to multi-site storage clusters—that help ensure your infrastructure’s availability and improve business continuity.

Simplify storage management

Infrastructure complexity is time-consuming and costly. HP OneView delivers powerful converged management for VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V environments that reduces infrastructure complexity with automation simplicity. Its software-defined approach transforms the everyday management of server, storage and network resources in both physical and virtual environments.

HP StoreFront Analytics software uses HP 3PAR StoreServ or HP StoreVirtual storage with operational dashboards to gain deep insights and visibility into the health, risk and efficiency of the storage infrastructure’s performance and capacity capabilities.

Accelerate deployments with HP ConvergedSystem

Accelerate results and simplify deployment with HP ConvergedSystem for Virtualization, a complete integrated solution. Go from order to operations in 15-30 days— speeding time to application value and ROI— with affordable systems that are easy to configure, deploy and manage.

Services and support

HP Technical Services offers a portfolio of service options to supplement your IT department and help keep your virtualization deployments agile, efficient and cost effective. Fully backed by VMware, HP Technology Support delivers 24x7 support for VMware at a 9x5 price.

Suggested products

Challenges to solve Recommendation
Starting out
First virtualization project;
limited budget, expertise or existing shared infrastructure
Primary Storage
HP MSA 1040
Implement advanced integration, data-in-place upgrades and simplified management with HP MSA, the leading entry-level SAN platform.
HP MSA Storage

HP StoreVirtual VSA
Deploy HP StoreVirtual VSA shared storage to support virtualization on a tight budget. Create a simple and reliable environment from a highly available StoreVirtual 4000 node architecture.
Data Protection
HP StoreEver LTO Tape Drives
Protect your data with simple, affordable, reliable and technologically advanced portable tape drives.
Building momentum
Growing business with limited storage capacity and performance;
management complexities
Primary Storage
HP MSA 2040
Experience performance up to 4X the competition—easily handling the virtualization of more applications.

HP StoreVirtual Storage
Virtualize and support new applications quickly in virtual storage and converged storage application deployments.
Data Protection
HP StoreEver Tape Autoloaders
Archive and retain—long-term—the data in your virtualized environment with cost-effective, easy-to-install, automated tape storage.

HP StoreOnce Backup
Reduce your costs and footprint by 95% with disk-based data protection. Leverage existing hardware for low-cost deduplication and remote management with HP StoreOnce VSA. For frequent backups and faster restores, HP StoreOnce 2000 series delivers high-performance.
Business expansion
Data protection becoming critical; need to maximize VM density to drive ROI and efficiency
Primary Storage
HP MSA 2040
Choose from the largest number of network connectivity options for midsize virtualization environments.

HP StoreVirtual Storage
Expand your virtual storage and converged storage environments between two sites for continuous uptime with multi-site stretched clusters. 
Data Protection
HP StoreEver MSL Tape Libraries
Archive long-term data at a low cost and benefit from unattended backup, disaster recovery and web-based remote management features.

HP StoreOnce Backup
Reduce your costs and footprint by 95% with disk-based data protection. Leverage existing hardware for low-cost deduplication and remote management with HP StoreOnce 4000 series backup system with 76TB capacity.
Managing growth
Virtualizing mission critical applications; capacity utilization resulting from VM sprawl;
preventing Tier-1 disruptions
Primary Storage
HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000
Start small and grow without disruption. Benefit from enterprise features and performance at a mid-range price. Choose HP 3PAR StoreServ 7200 all-flash array storage with 7TB of usable capacity at a price of 50% less than competing entry-level systems.** 

All-Flash and No Compromise HP 3PAR StoreServ 7200 All-Starter Kit solution brief (PDF, 1.4 MB)
Data Protection
HP StoreEver MSL 6480 Tape Libraries
Achieve short-term data protection and long-term archiving requirements for your midsize company.

HP StoreOnce Backup
Reduce your costs and footprint by 95% with disk-based data protection. Leverage existing hardware for low-cost deduplication and remote management.* Opt for StoreOnce VSA or HP StoreOnce B6200 Backup system (up to 768 TB raw capacity and 100 TB/hour backup speeds.
Agile enterprise
Dynamic and non-disruptive data movement; debating cloud strategy;
guaranteeing performance levels
Primary Storage
HP 3PAR StoreServ 7450—All-Flash
Attain enterprise-class resiliency with an all-flash array when performance and low latency is critical.

Evaluator Group: HP 3PAR StoreServ All-Flash Storage Optimization for Microsoft Hyper-V

HP 3PAR StoreServ 10000
Realize Tier-1, mission-critical capabilities while focusing on scalability.
Data Protection
HP StoreEver ESL G3 Tape Library
Deliver security for archiving compliance and longevity with a highly scalable, well-managed enterprise class library.

HP StoreOnce Backup
Reduce your costs and footprint by 95% with disk-based data protection. Leverage existing hardware for low-cost deduplication and remote management.* Opt for StoreOnce VSA or HP StoreOnce B6200 Backup system (up to 768 TB raw capacity and 100 TB/hour backup speeds.

Just Energy saves money with HP 3PAR StoreServ virtualization features

“The virtualized HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage platform also includes excellent reporting, another important feature that the other platforms we evaluated couldn’t match... It tells us what storage is going where, how it’s performing, and where any bottlenecks are located, all with an easy user interface.”
─Eskander Mirza, manager Technology Services, Just Energy

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*The 95% footprint reduction is based on results from HP internal testing and industry norms.

**Based on comparison of U.S. list prices for the HP 3PAR StoreServ 7200 All-Flash Starter Kit and EMC XtremIO with 5 TB of raw capacity and Pure Storage FA-405 entry-level configuration with 2.75 TB raw capacity


Successfully deploying client virtualization means selecting the right storage.  HP has the storage solutions to help you decrease your total costs and increase ROI.

Are you facing these challenges?

  • Struggling with BYOD and VDI to improve organizational productivity, flexibility and agility
  • Driving down desktop and mobility infrastructure costs while improving service levels
  • Mitigating application and data security risks
  • Achieving client virtualization ROI goals

HP storage solutions can help:

  • Simplify client virtualization with proven reference architectures, hyper-converged appliances, and the option to deploy a single, shared storage system for both desktop infrastructure and user data.
  • Deploy storage solutions that scale from small POCs to large scale enterprises
  • Secure critical applications with comprehensive data protection offerings
  • Ensure availability of end-user computing with resilient, highly available storage

HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage and Client Virtualization Brochure (PDF, 1.7 MB)


HP Hyper-Converged Solutions for Client Virtualization

The new HP ConvergedSystem 200-HC StoreVirtual is ideal for customers looking to easily deploy high-performance virtual desktops in an all-in-one-box that delivers integrated storage, compute and management services. Limited IT head count or expertise? No problem, no storage administrator required for the HP Hyper-Converged system.

HP 3PAR StoreServ with VMware Horizon View

HP Reference Architectures with VMware Horizon View can save you time with performance-optimized configurations, sample bills of material, and best practices for supporting BYOD and mobility. With HP 3PAR StoreServ storage, take advantage of advanced integration with vSphere to deliver the cost, speed and management you demand.

HP 3PAR StoreServ with Citrix XenDesktop

HP Reference Architectures integrated with Citrix XenDesktop—running on VMware vSphere—can reduce deployment time with Login VSI-validated configurations, sample bills of material and best practices for addressing end-user computing and BYOD demands. Built on HP 3PAR StoreServ storage, the HP Reference Architectures are a proven recipe for mid to large enterprise businesses.

Suggested products

Challenges to solve Primary storage recommendation
Business expansion
First client virtualization;
overcome legacy systems; show ROI
HP ConvergedSystem 200-HC StoreVirtual
Rapidly deploy a virtual desktop infrastructure with no storage administration experience required and without sacrificing the proven enterprise reliability and performance your end users demand.
Managing growth
Support increasing number of clients; improve efficiency; better end user experience
HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000 series
The hybrid or all-flash models are ideal for mixed or dedicated client virtualization environments that may grow beyond 2,000 clients and require the advanced 3PAR data services, such as inline Thin Deduplication and 3PAR Priority Optimization. Available in a simplified, single storage system for virtualized desktop infrastructure (block) and user data (file).

HP 3PAR StoreServ 7200

HP 3PAR StoreServ 7400

Agile enterprise
Maximum scalability; best end user experience; utilize latest technological advances
HP 3PAR StoreServ 7450—All-Flash Array
Ideal for the most demanding non-persistent or persistent virtual desktops where minimal latency and maximum IOPs are required to deliver a better end user experience on a proven, reliable architecture.

HP 3PAR StoreServ 10000
Ideal for client virtualization environments that need the highest levels of scalability on a single, easy to manage array: up to 2.2PB capacity and 8 controller nodes.

Jupiter Medical Center leverages HP solutions to provide innovative and cost-effective patient care

“We must be more nimble than the larger organizations that surround us who have more capital resources. HP Converged Infrastructure helps us do that.”
‒Stephen Meyer, Director of Technical Services, Jupiter Medical Center

Read the complete case study (PDF, 701 KB)

Virtualization drives the need for a tight relationship between the virtualization software and physical hardware, ensuring resources are managed and utilized in an efficient manner. As a result, having strong collaboration between the two is critical for achieving success with virtualization. HP has decades of combined collaboration history with the leading virtualization software partners to help ensure the success of your deployments with best-in-class integration, support and management.



Built on over a decade of close collaboration, the strong partnership between HP and VMware brings you tight integration and differentiating capabilities to create an end-to-end virtualization solution. Whether you are just getting started or optimizing an existing deployment, together HP and VMware can fulfill your hardware and software needs.


Accelerate your virtualization journey with agile solutions based on HP Converged Infrastructure, Microsoft Windows Server with Hyper-V and Microsoft System Center. From proven reference architectures to pre-integrated turnkey solutions, these optimized storage solutions bring together everything you need for low-risk, high-value virtualized deployments.


Save time and money when deploying client virtualization with HP Converged Storage and Citrix XenDesktop. HP's Client Virtualization Reference Architecture for XenDesktop on both Hyper-V and vSphere help you confidently deploy a proven infrastructure that balances tight IT budgets with end-user demands for performance, availability, and BYOD.