Most enterprises today deal with too much complexity

Protecting your business-critical applications without impacting performance is always challenging. It gets worse when facing unrelenting data growth, stringent recovery service level agreements (SLAs), and increasingly virtualized environments. Snapshots alone leave you open to risk. Traditional hierarchical backup approaches can’t deliver the agility, affordability, and protection you demand.

Are you looking for a better way?

Welcome to converged data protection with RMC


Data protection that is fast

Deliver on SLAs with fast, non-disruptive and application-consistent backup and recovery. Flat backup with RMC delivers up to 23x faster backups and 5x faster restores than traditional backup methods.*

  • SnapDiff technology ensures that only changed blocks are sent to backup.

  • RMC Express Protect for flat backup removes application server from data path.

  • Every backup completes at the speed of an incremental but is stored as a synthetic full backup, which makes application recovery faster.

  • Element Recovery Technology (ERT) allows more granular recovery of an individual VM or an individual file within a VM, helping improve recovery RTO, and minimizing disruption and downtime of production VMs.

Data protection that is efficient

Reduce cost and complexity of traditional ISV infrastructure with backup directly from 3PAR StoreServ to StoreOnce and utilize lower cost StoreOnce backup as a tier for backup retention. Backups stored on HPE StoreOnce are deduplicated, thus reducing backup storage requirements.

  • Scalable, non-duplicative snapshots enable a greater number of recovery points.

  • Reduce the infrastructure and licensing costs of ISV backup infrastructure.

  • All backups are deduplicated, reducing backup storage requirements by up to 20x.

Data protection that is simple

Empower hypervisor and application owners to control backup and recovery direct and seamlessly from their preferred native interfaces. Start today with management directly from HPE OneView for VMware vCenter. Right click on your VM. Choose backup. It’s that easy.

  • The RMC for VMware scheduler provides automated snapshot creation on HPE 3PAR StoreServ and automated snapshot backup directly to StoreOnce.

  • HPE StoreOnce reduces data protection silos across the entire enterprise with a consistent approach from remote sites to enterprise data centers.

Data protection that is reliable

Protect applications with the instant availability of local and/or remote snapshots and the robust protection of backups. Benefit from a highly resilient backup architecture with off-array backup that protects against online data loss and corruption.

  • 3PAR StoreServ is Tier-1 storage with a guaranteed 99.9999% availability program.

  • Snapshots backed up on StoreOnce are self-contained, fully independent volumes.

  • Recover to the original 3PAR StoreServ or a new system if the system or site is lost or damaged.

How do I get data protection like this?

*Based on internal HPE testing performed in May 2016 comparing backup performance of HPE Recovery Manager Central with traditional, non-HPE backup software.

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