Protect your expanding data with the fastest backup on the market

From ROBO to the enterprise, HP StoreOnce Backup with StoreOnce Catalyst is a single, agile, efficient and secure backup and recovery solution. Reduce costs and keep pace with data growth, confident that your SLAs are securely met and your valuable data is not at risk.

The fastest and simplest backup for HP 3PAR StoreServ

HP StoreOnce Recovery Manager Central (RMC) software integrates the performance of snapshots with the protection of backups for faster, more efficient, reliable and simpler protection for your enterprise applications and VMware environments.

Converged data protection with HP StoreOnce Recovery Manager Central (PDF, 531KB)

What’s new

HP StoreOnce 2900—highly scalable 2U backup solution beats the competition with 2x more capacity and 23% faster backup performance.1

Free 1TB StoreOnce VSA—HP is now offering a zero cost 1TB version of the HP StoreOnce VSA. Ideal for protecting small amounts of data and for extended evaluation.

What are you looking for?

Backup for virtualized environments and remote offices
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Reduce storage costs up to 85%2 with efficient backup. No dedicated hardware required. Get a cost-effective solution for ITaaS, BaaS and enterprise remote and branch offices.

StoreOnce VSA—1TB, 4TB, 10TB, or 50TB optional licenses and support for VMware, Hyper-V and Ubuntu KVM environments now available.

Our solution:

HP StoreOnce VSA

HP StoreOnce datasheet

Radically simple backup for 3PAR StoreServ
Converged RMC | 220x160

Automate 3PAR StoreServ snapshot management for VMware and rapidly move data to secondary disk. Flat backup from 3PAR StoreServ to StoreOnce is 17x faster than traditional hierarchical data protection methods.

Our solution:

HP StoreOnce Recovery Manager Central (RMC)

Affordable entry-level backup appliance
storeonce 2700 | 220x160

Affordable balance of cost, capacity and performance for your small data center, workgroup or remote and branch offices

HP StoreOnce 2700 has 5.5TB usable capacity3 and up to 71% lower cost per TB/hour than the competition.4

Our solution:

HP StoreOnce 2700

HP StoreOnce datasheet

Backup and recovery for small to midsize businesses
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Perfect for small to midsized business or large remote offices, the StoreOnce 2900 provides the performance and scalability that businesses require.

HP StoreOnce 2900 delivers a 2U solution that scales from 15.5-31.5TB of useable capacity with performance of up to 5.8TB/hour.

Our solution:

HP StoreOnce 2900

HP StoreOnce datasheet

Backup and recovery for data centers
storeonce 4500 | 220x160

Secure, scalable data protection for your midsize data centers and regional offices

HP StoreOnce 4500 has enhanced security and scalable capacity to 124TB usable and up to 14TB/hour backup performance that meet the demands of the most challenging environments.

Our solution:

HP StoreOnce 4500

HP StoreOnce datasheet

Large data center backup and recovery
storeonce 4900 | 220x160

Highly scalable backup architecture that effectively handles issues such as rapid data growth and complexity while meeting ever-increasing SLAs

HP StoreOnce 4700 with Catalyst backs up data 22TB/hr, 1.6x faster than the competition.5

HP StoreOnce 4900 is scalable to 432TB usable and with 3.3x greater storage density versus the competition.6

Our solution:

HP StoreOnce 4700

HP StoreOnce 4900

HP StoreOnce datasheet

Scale and resiliency
storeonce 6500-new | 220x160

Federated scale-out design with a highly resilient architecture and autonomic restart that reduces management complexity, eliminates failed backup jobs, and grows as your business requirements dictate.

HP StoreOnce 6500 can backup more data in 5.5 hours than in a whole day with the competition.7

Our solution:

HP StoreOnce 6500

HP StoreOnce datasheet

Optimize backup processes
storeonce catalyst | 220x160

Simplify data management, eliminate wasted storage resources, reduce network bandwidth and move deduplicated data devices without rehydration.

HP StoreOnce Catalyst with federated deduplication meets the needs of small remote offices with Backup over the WAN and improves the performance of data center backups

Our solution:

HP StoreOnce Catalyst

Why choose HP StoreOnce Backup?

  • Fast—Rapid backup and recovery of data, 5x faster RTO
  • Flexible—Scale as your business dictates, configure by application, utilize your existing infrastructure
  • Federated—Single solution from ROBO to data center managed centrally
  • Risk-free—Highly-resilient architecture and a guaranteed 95% reduction in capacity8



HP Data Protector

Federated deduplication for maximum storage efficiency and performance

Comprehensive support for leading operating systems, applications, and infrastructure

Built for virtualized environments with flexible backup and recovery options

HP StoreOnce Security Pack

Data at rest and data in flight encryption

Secure erase for permanent deletion of data

StoreOnce Catalyst

Manage your data movement from a single pane of glass, enhancing performance while maintaining seamless control across complex environments

HP StoreOnce Backup reduces IT costs for nimbler, more innovative operations

“HP StoreOnce Backup gives us fully automated replication between our production and DR sites…And the replication is real-time, which is critical to banking systems.”
—Ryan Burgess, Infrastructure Architect, BlueShore Financial

Read the complete BlueShore Financial case study (PDF, 609 KB)


Get the first federated deduplication solution in the industry. HP uses a single deduplication engine across your entire backup deployment. With no need to rehydrate the data, HP enables a more efficient approach—optimizing backup processes, eliminated wasted resources, reducing network bandwidth costs and improving backup throughout.

HP Enterprise-class Deduplication technologies

IDC: HP StoreOnce Deduplication Flash Report (PDF, 140 KB)

IDC: Assessing Deduplication 2.0, HP’s Second Generation StoreOnce Deduplication Appliance (PDF, 117 KB)

ESG – Why StoreOnce Federated Deduplication Matters to HP—and Should to You, Too (PDF, 1MB)

Data Integrity Assurance with HP StoreOnce Deduplication (PDF, 1.23 MB)

Key StoreOnce Solutions


SQL databases can be recovered from the local site HP StoreOnce appliance to the original SQL Server.

If a total disaster of the SQL database source site occurs, the DR site HP StoreOnce can be shipped to the SQL Server site or the backup data can be restored over the WAN to the SQL Server site for complete SQL database recovery.

SQL databases can be recovered from the DR site HP StoreOnce appliance to a DR site redundant SQL Server. The DR site redundant SQL Server is a secondary SQL Server specifically used for DR purposes in case of local site primary SQL Server failure.

Protecting Microsoft SQL Server databases with HP StoreOnce Catalyst


Increase Oracle database efficiency with HP StoreOnce Backup

Oracle databases require the most efficient, high performing and reliable backup systems. HP StoreOnce Backup systems address data growth by application deduplication software for efficient, longer-term data retentions.

HP StoreOnce Catalyst plugin for Oracle recovery manager (RMAN) technical white paper (PDF, 3.1 MB)

Smart Data Protection – HP StoreOnce Backup for Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) brochure (PDF, 1.3 MB)

ISV Solutions

Effective collaboration leads to best-in-class deployments

HP has decades of combined collaboration history with the leading backup software partners resulting in successful deployments, support and management.

1 HP StoreOnce 2900 with StoreOnce Catalyst has 2x more capacity and 23% faster backup performance in the same 2U footprint.
2 Based on May 2015 HP internal comparative analysis of publicly available list price data of HP StoreOnce VSA vs. EMC DD2200.
3 Comparison between HP StoreOnce Catalyst Backup performance and EMC DD2200 performance using Boost.
4 Compare between HP and EMC DD2200 list prices and stated performance.
5 Compares HP StoreOnce 4700 with Catalyst vs EMC DD2500 with Boost.
6 Compares HP StoreOnce 4900 with 432TB in 12U vs EMC DD4500 285TB in 26U.
7 When comparing stated backup speeds between HP StoreOnce 6500 and EMC DD9500 over a 24 hour period.
8 As compared to a fully hydrated backup. Subject to customer qualification and compliance with the Get Protected Guarantee Terms and Conditions, which will be provided to you by your HP Sales or Channel Partner representative.

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