Looking for cost-effective data protection for your small or remote offices? Struggling to backup virtual environments? HP StoreOnce VSA extends the StoreOnce family to enable this. By deploying StoreOnce in a software-defined form factor you can cut storage costs by up to 65% compared to deploying purpose built appliances.

HP StoreOnce VSA is a virtual appliance that delivers fast, efficient and scalable backup. There are two models that enable capacity of up to 4TB or up to 10TB (usable).

As a virtual appliance there is no dedicated hardware so you have increased flexibility and the potential to reduce costs through optimized use of storage, rack space and power. The StoreOnce VSA license includes HP StoreOnce Catalyst for optimized movement of deduplicated backups offsite.

When used in conjunction with a Catalyst capable backup application all data movement can be controlled through the backup application for a ‘single pane of glass’ management experience.

What's new

  • A 4TB product, for users with smaller data volumes to protect, that want an even more affordable way to deploy StoreOnce. The 4TB variant has all the same features of the 10TB product.
  • Adding Hyper-V support to StoreOnce VSA enables StoreOnce to be used in Microsoft as well as VMware virtual environments.
  • On-disk and in-flight data encryption, VLAN tagging and secure erase. All licensed for use without the need for any additional licenses.


Exceptional Value - Lower the Cost of Data Protection for Smaller and Remote Offices

Software-defined storage that eliminates the need for dedicated hardware -- reduce the cost of your storage by up to 65%, rack-space by 50% and power by up to 70%. 1
All the agility and flexibility of HP StoreOnce -- VSA license includes HP StoreOnce Catalyst and replication capabilities, there is no additional purchase.
Pay as you grow -- the HP StoreOnce VSA license allows up to 4 or 10 TB of usable backup capacity configured in increments of 1 TB so you can start small and scale up over time.
HP StoreOnce VSA is part of the HP StoreOnce Backup product family -- virtual and hardware appliances with price-performance points to suit all requirements from small remote offices to enterprise data centers.

Federated Deduplication Across the Enterprise with a Single Deduplication Technology - StoreOnce

Deduplicate anywhere -- at the application source or at the backup server or at the target appliance. Deduplicate where it makes sense for your business, not where technology vendors’ limitations mandate.
Save time and money -- using your backup application to control data movement between StoreOnce Catalyst-powered systems in its deduplicated state -- no need to rehydrate the data.
Utilize cost-effective, low-bandwidth links -- move data concurrently from the StoreOnce VSA in small and remote sites and backup over the WAN to one or more regional offices or data centers.
Benefit from a unified deduplication solution –- StoreOnce and StoreOnce Catalyst is available across the range of dedicated appliances, virtual backup solutions, and on media servers and application servers with HP Data Protector and other software.

Seamless Integration of Virtual and Physical Environments – All Managed from a Single Console

Easily backup your virtual environments -- install into existing vSphere or Hyper-V environments for software defined deduplicating backup storage and all the benefits of HP StoreOnce federated deduplication.
Easy to manage locally -– with the same proven graphical interface (GUI) used to manage the HP StoreOnce Backup appliances, providing a consistent experience for enterprise-wide deployments.
Easy to manage centrally -- customers with multiple StoreOnce appliances and multiple StoreOnce VSAs can benefit from the HP StoreOnce Enterprise Manager (SEM) for centralized management of up to 400 StoreOnce appliances and StoreOnce virtual appliances distributed across multiple sites.
Rapid to deploy -- as well as advanced monitoring, reporting, forecasting and trend analysis, HP StoreOnce Enterprise Manager can be used to rapidly deploy and configure multiple StoreOnce VSA virtual appliances across the enterprise.
Flexible to use -- HP StoreOnce VSA can be configured in Ethernet environments with StoreOnce Catalyst, VTL and CIFS backup targets. For Fibre Channel integration or the ability to write to NFS interfaces you will need a StoreOnce Backup hardware appliance.

Secure multi-tenant applications while reducing CAPEX and OPEX

StoreOnce VSA can deliver a flexible backup target for service providers and organizations with an ITaaS (IT as a service) infrastructure.
Service providers can rapidly stand-up the StoreOnce VSA and retire it again when the backup capacity is no longer needed to regain the resources.
In multi-tenant environments, one StoreOnce VSA per tenant provides security of backup data between tenants.
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