Large data centers that need to simplify their infrastructure operations while reducing costs and complexity.
The Cisco Catalyst Blade Switch 3120 series represent the next generation networking solution for blade server environments. With the Cisco Catalyst Blade Switch 3120 series switches, HP and Cisco introduce a technology unique to blade server enclosures that allows multiple switches to act as a single entity.

This switch stacking technology takes the individual physical switches within a rack and treats them as one logical switch. This innovation is the foundation of the switches' ability to simplify operations and management.

Built on Cisco's proven hardware and IOS software, the Cisco Catalyst 3120 is engineered with unique technologies specifically designed to meet the rigors of the blade server infrastructure. Both switches deliver scalable, high-performance, highly resilient connectivity while supporting ongoing data center initiatives to reduce server infrastructure complexity, management and TCO.        

What's New

  • Up to nine switches combine into a single logical switch
  • Single IP address and routing domain
  • Mix and match any combination of CBS 3120 switches


Cisco Stacking Technology with Many IOS Options and Manageability

The Cisco Catalyst Blade Switch 3120 provides HP BladeSystem customers with the ability to stack up to nine switches into a single virtual switch. All switches within the stack are managed as a single virtual switch with a single IP address and single routing domain.
The Catalyst Blade Switch 3120 series provides a rich set of tools for securing application data across the network assuring privacy to users and data, while restricting unauthorized network access and attacks.
Cisco Catalyst Blade Switch 3120G and the Cisco Catalyst Switch 3120X for HP c-Class BladeSystem base IOS popular feature set includes PVLANs, IPv6 host support and most Layer 3 routing protocols, including OSPF and policy based routing. Advanced IP services upgrades gives full IPv6 routing.
With CiscoWorks, the Catalyst Blade Switch 3120 series deliver end-to-end device, VLAN, traffic, and policy management and now have an integrated switching solution from Cisco Systems that optimizes uplinks per rack, reduces the number of switches managed and decreases network complexity.
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