Are you ready for the explosion of smart devices? The HP Moonshot 1500 Chassis supports a range of server, storage and networking solution cartridges optimized for social, cloud, mobile and big data – giving you the edge to anticipate your customers’ needs. The Moonshot 1500 Chassis shares power, cooling, management and fabric for 45 individually serviceable hot-plug server cartridges; enabling them to use less energy, cabling, space, and cost while reducing complexity.


Innovative Platform for Specialized Computing Workloads Lets You Thrive

The HP Moonshot 1500 Chassis provides a scalable platform to support a range of solution cartridges optimized for specific workloads, which means you get the right platform for your data center to capitalize on whatever the Internet of Things (IoT) throws at you.

Processor neutral, supported by a broad group of silicon vendors providing specialized solutions for IoT workloads at scale. Now you can select the compute platform optimized for the task at hand, with room to scale out to thousands of compute cores in this chassis.

Freedom to install solutions for scale-out deployments at lightning speed. When you need to respond to your customers, you can -- with faster deployment of the latest technology -- in months rather than years.

The chassis is designed to accommodate leading-edge cartridge technologies and solutions for business opportunities as yet unimagined.

Space and Energy Efficient for Extreme Scalability with Built-in Reliability

The Moonshot 1500 Chassis shares components including power, cooling and management of fabric, across server cartridges, enabling them to use less energy, cabling, space and cost while reducing complexity.

Redundant design hosts 45 individually serviceable hot-plug cartridges and two network switches in a 4.3U footprint.

Contains two switches that connect via radial fabric pathway for network topology utilizing a central Ethernet switch and two uplink modules, each with six ports running at 10Gb.

Supports five hot-pluggable dual-rotor fan modules and four hot-pluggable, common slot power supplies.

Time Savings with Less Complexity and Greater Manageability

Each Moonshot 1500 Chassis includes four iLO processors that share management responsibility across all internal components.

Power management is provided by a utility that allows the user to select server level power, power on and off, server metering, dynamic power capping, and asset management capabilities.

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