The new HP Intelligent Power Distribution Unit (iPDU) brings state of the art management and control to rack mounted power distribution units (PDU) to prevent over provisioning of power from restricting growth in your data center. Using the core and stick architecture of HP Modular PDU line, the HP Intelligent PDU provides monitoring of power consumption at the core, load segment, stick, and outlet level with unmatched precision and accuracy.

Remote management is built in and even provides power cycle ability of individual outlets on the Intelligent Extension Bars. HP Power Discovery Services with Intelligent Power Discovery, combines HP iPDUs, HP Platinum power supplies, and HP Insight Control software to control and automate power distribution.

When you deploy new HP ProLiant servers, HP Intelligent Power Discovery automatically discovers those servers, maps them to the power source, verifies power redundancy, and makes sure everything is hooked up correctly.

What's new

  • Know exactly what the power consumption is for every component in the rack with an unmatched level of accuracy of less than 1% variation
  • Monitor and control outlets individually for the ultimate control of power distribution within the rack
  • Dense rack mountable form factors to save valuable space in the rack
  • Eliminate costly downtime caused by human errors in wiring and PDU configurations with Intelligent Power Discovery.
  • Securely manage and monitor power distribution from anywhere to prevent problems and speed response times.


Unmatched Power Monitoring Precision!

HP Power Discovery Services with Intelligent Power Discovery can automatically discover and map servers to specific outlets, ensuring pinpoint accuracy of power data collected

With 99% accuracy above 1 watt, the iPDU can help you track and control power other PDUs will not be able to monitor

Information is gathered from all monitoring points at half second intervals to insure the highest precision

Capable of measuring current draw below 100mw, the iPDU can detect a new server even before it is powered on

Unmatched flexibility!

Mountable in 1U or zero U spaces to save valuable rack space. Flexible mounting of extension bars eases cable management.

Allows for mixing different type of extension bars on a PDU core to provide a mix of outlet types.

Power consumption displayed for the core, stick, and outlet levels at the rack or remotely from standard web browsers.

Remotely control power per outlet or even per pair of outlets for redundantly powered equipment.

Unmatched protection!

Individual breakers for each load segment prevent a problem on one segment from causing a power outage on the entire PDU.

SNMP and email alerts notify operators of impending issues that could cause a power outage before it happens.

Locking out individual outlets prevents unauthorized equipment from over loading PSUs or circuits.

Intelligent Power Discovery can automatically detect power configuration errors and notify operators.

Unmatched ease of use!

All hardware included and compatible with industry standard racks

Simply assign the iPDU an IP address and your ready to do.

Automatically detected by Systems Insight Manager and Insight Control.

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