HP ProLiant DL980 G7, featuring HP's PREMA Architecture delivers the balanced scaling, self-healing resiliency and breakthrough efficiency needed to overcome the challenges of today's most demanding x86 compute environments. Whether implementing a single and very large data intensive, or many consolidated or virtualized workloads, the DL980 G7 server is an ideal platform to deploy and scale up your Enterprise environments with confidence.

What's new

  • Smart CPU Caching technology improves CPU utilization and performance
  • Self-healing resiliency maximizes application uptime
  • Intel Xeon E7-4800and 7500 series processors with up to 10 cores per processor
  • Expandable 8 socket server configurable with up to 80 processor cores
  • 128 DIMM slots, for a system maximum of 2TB of memory (using 16GB DIMMs), capable of 4TB with 32GB DIMMs in future
  • Up to 16 I/O slots to support the most I/O intensive applications


Balanced scaling delivers world-leading performance

Streamline CPU utilization and performance with HP's smart CPU caching technology which enables, the processor(s) to remain focused on its task with less interruptions, resulting in faster job completion

Efficiently use compute and memory resources with HP's scalable design supporting up to 8 processors / 80 processor cores, 128 DDR3 DIMM slots for a memory maximum of 2 TB, capable of 4TB with 32GB DIMMs in the future and up to 16 I/O slots

Self healing resiliency delivers up to a 200% boost in reliability

Reduce communication errors on overloaded systems with HP’s PREMA Architecture, providing 50% more interconnect capacity and dynamic QPI routing

Achieve a highly reliable scale up infrastructure combining mission critical and x86 technologies and expertise from an industry leader in both

Hot plug redundant fans and power supplies

Breakthrough efficiencies deliver payback in as little as 60 days

Consolidate multiple resource intensive servers on to a single system to achieve up to 96% reduction in power and cooling costs

Reduce, reclaim and extend the life of your data center with HP Thermal Logic technologies and triple your datacenter capacity

Aggressively respond with HP iLO3 (part of Insight Control) remote console management that operates 8x faster than the previous version

Free up operational dollars, speed up project success and increase levels of application availability with HP Mission Critical Services

In depth technical collaboration between HP and key industry partners speeds time to deployment of application on the DL980 G7

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