As a dedicated hosting company are you using large numbers of traditionally architected servers? Are you hitting the wall for power, cooling and space? The HP ProLiant Moonshot Server uses an innovative new architecture that results from one simple design tenet: to align purpose-built solution Servers with the right workload to provide optimal results for your dedicated hosting environment. Traditional servers rely on dedicated components, including management, networking, storage, power cords and cooling fans in a single chassis.

In contrast, the Moonshot Server shares these chassis components that are capable of supporting 45 servers per 4.3U chassis. This gives you the ability to generate greater revenue from a smaller footprint while driving down your operational costs.

The ProLiant Moonshot Servers use low-energy processors and direct attached disk drives to provide an ideal solution for dedicated hosting.


Achieve Breakthrough Efficiencies in Density, Energy, and Cost

The HP Moonshot 1500 Chassis has 45 hot-pluggable servers installed and fits into 4.3U. The density comes in part from the low-energy, efficient processors. The innovative chassis design supports 45 servers, 2 network switches, and supporting components.
This shared, federated approach saves energy and cost. But just as importantly, it enables extreme scale-out without a corresponding increase in complexity and management overhead. Network fabric is integrated into the system and shared to reduce cabling.
To increase efficiency, every component above the processor level—elements including power, network fabric, and HP Integrated Lights Out (iLO) management—is pulled into the chassis to be shared among all the servers. This saves both power and cooling costs.

Simplified Infrastructure and Management at Extreme Scale in the Data Center

In the past adding a server meant more devices—power, I/O devices, network controllers, device drivers—to be managed, powered, and cooled. HP Moonshot introduces a new level of sharing by integrating resources across the system which means you can scale farther, faster than before.
The iLO processors are networked together in the iLO chassis manager to control the complete HP Moonshot system. These processors share health reporting and management activities for all the servers in the chassis while monitoring the network switches and chassis.
For effective power management, the management framework is at the chassis level, enabling the federated chassis management to operate as a single management point for an entire rack or row of racks.
The Advanced Power Manager provides a rack-level solution that enables chassis-level power on and off, chassis-metering, Rack Dynamic Power Capping, and asset management capabilities for HP ProLiant Moonshot Server.

Enables New Tiers of Hosted Services

The HP ProLiant Moonshot Server aligns specific architectures with the right workload to provide an optimally tuned solution. Hosting companies can deploy an architecture for the actual workloads, removing inefficiencies in density, energy, and cost to allow for more competitive offerings.
The simplicity of purchasing a complete system with compute, networking, and management fits the rapid deployment requirements of the demanding dedicated hosting environment.
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