Real-time Data Processing: Today, real-time analytics on large volumes of rapidly changing data is unachievable with traditional IT infrastructure; the ability to quickly process data (such as complex events) and turn it into actionable conclusions in a matter of seconds can provide significant business advantages. The HP ProLiant m800 combines the high performance of a Digital Signal Processing engine with Moonshot’s innovative 2D Torus fabric, enabling high bandwidth, low-latency data throughput for real-time analysis of high volume, complex data.

Telco Development Platform: Today, you’re probably running DSPs in a highly specialized, custom hardware environment which ultimately leads to long development cycles and strong vendor lock-in. Get all-new levels of performance from the latest DSPs with the fully-integrated HP Moonshot System.

This platform enables you to get an accelerated start for developing, porting, and testing applications.


Pioneering Innovation in Real-time Data Processing

The HP ProLiant m800 is the highest density DSP solution in an industry standard infrastructure in the market today, with 1,440 DSP cores, 720 ARM cores and up to 11.5TB of storage in a single Moonshot chassis.

Delivers low latency at lower cost and power owed to HP Moonshot’s innovative 2D Torus Fabric combined with Texas Instrument’s built-in Serial Rapid IO fabric.

Gain time to market advantage with a full suite of tools to quickly develop new applications. Validated with HP ProLiant m800, Ubuntu and MCSDK – enabling OpenCI, OpenMPI and OpenMP.

Fully Integrated Telco Development Platform

The HP ProLiant m800 Server Cartridge provides DSP technology, long trusted in Telco environments (i.e. Voice Transcoding), in an industry standard infrastructure.

Delivers a compelling alternative to custom infrastructure solutions, such as ATCA, which are becoming harder to manage at an unsustainable cost structure.

Provides a development platform to accelerate development of network functions, enabled by HP Moonshot in partnership with ENEA and eInfochips.

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