Is your IT department overrun with data from smartphones, tablets, and hotspots? The HP ProLiant m800 Server Cartridge is designed for energy and cost-effective processing of VOIP/LTE, seismic processing and real-time video transcoding. This Server Cartridge has four Texas Instruments KeyStone II based 66AK2H Systems on Chip (SoCs), with radio accelerators, network and security coprocessors, eight fixed- and floating-point capable digital signal processor (DSP) cores with ARM® RISC cores, with 32GB (8GB per SoC) of memory on a compact cartridge. With all the benefits of the Moonshot System, it uses less energy and space at a lower cost compared to traditional servers.

Available only in the HP Discovery Lab.        


Purpose-Built Acceleration of LTE and Voice Transcoding Workloads

The HP ProLiant m800 Server Cartridge offers a whole new category of server architecture bridging the gap between mobile devices and the data center.
Provides the architecture and power to deliver unrivaled price/performance for telecommunications infrastructure applications such as Cloud Radio Access Network for the Long Term Evolution (LTE) protocol and voice encoding and transcoding.

Analyze More Seismic Data More Quickly

The analysis of seismic data is particularly well suited to Digital Signal Processors (DSPs). With 8 DSPs per ARM CPU, the m800 Server Cartridge can speed seismic analysis throughput.
In seismic analysis, a large volume of seismic data, captured in the field, is processed to visualize the geological structure of those areas and identify the presence of oil. The DSPs on the cartridge can process the raw seismic data from the field rapidly.

Accelerate Real-time Video Transcoding

The m800 Server Cartridge supports multi-format advanced codecs with DSPs to perform real-time transcoding among multiple devices.
ARM CPUs with DSP cores provide the best embedded performance per watt in the industry, according to Texas Instruments.