How are you going to scale out to petabytes with your current infrastructure? Big data, largely unstructured such as messages, images, readings from sensors, and GPS signals from cell phones, are growing at an exponential rate. The HP ProLiant SL4500 Gen8 Scalable System solves the traditional structured database problems when dealing with big data.

Implementing a scale-up infrastructure will invariably result in challenges of data center capacity, spiraling energy costs, infrastructure complexity and inefficiencies because today’s siloed infrastructure is not optimized for scale-out server workloads driven by big data. The SL4500 Gen8 Scalable System has 3 server options purpose–built for big data.

A highly efficient converged design that delivers the right combination of capacity and performance, in the least amount of space and at lower cost, with the reliability and manageability you expect from HP ProLiant Gen8, the world’s most intelligent servers.

What's new

  • Support new Ivy E5-2400 v2 Processors
  • Support new base controller for applications that do not use RAID
  • Support for 32Gb DIMM's for increased memory capacity
  • Support 6TB HDD's for increased capacity


Designed To Support a Range of Storage Capacity per Node with Scalable Performance and Throughput

With the HP ProLiant SL4500 Gen8 Scalable System you have a choice of three flexible compute nodes (featuring the Intel® Xeon® E5-2400 product family) in a 4.3U form factor chassis that allows for shared cooling, power and management, as opposed to siloed architectures using individual chassis.
The one node configuration with 60 drives is ideal for applications such as object storage requiring a large amount of storage capacity.
For applications such as email and data analytics you get a more balanced core to spindle ratio with the two node configuration with 25 drives for each node.
With parallel processing applications such as Hadoop that require a balanced core to spindle ratio, consider the three node configuration with 15 drives for each node.

Scale in Capacity and Performance at Lower Cost

The 4.3U form factor chassis of the SL4540 Gen8 is capable of storing up to 240TB. With nine chassis in a 42U rack, it can achieve unprecedented server storage capacities of up to 2.16PB.
Extreme density requires scalable performance. This is achieved with a balanced architecture and HP Smart Array technology that provides the flexibility to balance cost and performance across different drive types (SAS, SATA and SSD).
The Converged Infrastructure design achieves energy savings with shared cooling and power while reducing complexity with fewer cables.
Two 2.5-inch small form factor (SFF) hard drives in every compute node allows for separate boot/OS drives on a separate controller.
Common Slot Power Supplies featuring Platinum Plus Redundant Power Supplies that are up to 94% efficient.

Scale Confidently with Built-In Intelligence and Automation of the HP ProLiant Gen8 Servers

HP Smart Array technology innovations include Predictive Rebuild to reduce downtime exposure, improved data retention with Flash Backed Write Cache (FBWC) and increased data protection with advanced data mirroring.
Seamless management of the cluster, server and storage, with integrated remote support. Deploy applications across all servers with a single command. Control and manage your power at the rack level.
Serviceability at every level with hot-plug critical components (disk drives, nodes, fans and power).
The new HP iLO Management Engine offers Agentless Management and Active Health System monitoring. The HP Smart Update Manager enables firmware and software updates with dramatically reduced downtime.
Intel® Xeon® E5-2400 product family offers essential performance, power efficiency, and more adaptability with Intel QuickPath, Integrated Memory Controller, Turbo Boost, Intelligent Power Technologies and Trusted Execution Technology.
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