Do you need an Enterprise-class rack solution that helps you fine-tune resources and achieve more compute power in limited space? HP Enterprise Series Racks, in a wide range of sizes, offer innovative intelligence capabilities for asset management, unparalleled structural integrity, cooling and cable management, and a wide choice of power and switching options customizable to match your compute requirements today and in the future. When paired with optional HP Location Discovery Services, the rack identification number and precise U location is sent to the servers providing important location information to iLO, HP OneView and Insight Control Software allowing you to place workloads more efficiently.

Manual, error-prone asset management is removed because servers can now self-identify and inventory themselves. For those that require greater load capacity, choose an Enterprise Series Rack that can be fully configured and shipped to your site.


Reclaim Limited Space, Power, and Cooling Resources

HP Enterprise Series Racks with optional HP Location Discovery Services allow you to fine-tune workload placement with servers that self-identify and inventory themselves, allowing you to efficiently place workloads while removing manual, error prone asset management tasks.

An innovative 81% open perforation area on the door helps better cool servers.

HP Power Discovery Services technology removes power configuration errors and precisely tracks power usage by rack and by server, therefore getting rid of manual record keeping.

Up to 3000 pounds of dynamic loading enables HP Enterprise Series Racks to ship and be moved fully configured with all types of equipment.

Cable management in the back of the rack provides tool-less operations and extra space for hot air to pass from the rack.

Designed for the Data Center

HP Enterprise Series Racks offer a range of heights in both 600mm and 800mm widths available.

Universal rack design compatible with all HP rack mount products including servers, networking, and storage.

Full line of options and accessories to create the rack that supports your compute solution needs.

Available in black or grey to integrate in your IT environment.

The HP Advantage

HP Enterprise Series Racks are designed for and tested to perform with HP Server and Networking technology solutions.

HP Care Pack services purchased for servers and storage extend to our rack and power infrastructure products. What is the HP advantage for you? Save $$$.

HP exclusive tools help maintain and manage all equipment in the rack.

HP offers an extensive range of rack, power, and KVM products to meet all your needs.

HP can help to simplify IT purchasing, installation, usage, and maintenance.

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