HP Insight Cluster Management Utility (Insight CMU) is an efficient, customizable, and robust hyperscale cluster lifecycle management framework and suite of tools for managing operations and performance of large clusters such as those found in High Performance Computing (HPC) and large-scale data analysis environments. A simple graphical interface enables an ‘at-a-glance’ view of the entire cluster across multiple metrics, provides frictionless scalable remote management and analysis, and allows rapid provisioning of software to all the nodes of the system.

Optionally, the same features are available through a CLI. Insight CMU makes the management of a cluster more user friendly, efficient, and error free than if it were being managed by scripts, or on a node-by-node basis.

Insight CMU offers full support for all HP ProLiant servers in a cluster as well as for HP Moonshot systems. Insight CMU also includes options for monitoring GPUs and for installing GPU drivers and software.

What's new

  • Support for HP Moonshot, HP ProLiant Gen 8 BL-series, DL-series and SL-series servers, as well as the HP ML350 Gen 8 server
  • Simplified cluster configuration and improved cluster performance through integration with HP iLO Management Engine
  • 3-D time view displays for monitoring health and performance during a selectable window of time
  • Improved reliability, availability and serviceability through alert-management
  • Support for concurrent cloning, to improve performance of dynamically-scheduled provisioning, and to support rolling upgrades
  • Insight CMU Connectors for tight integration with other hyperscale productivity software including Adaptive Moab, Altair PBS Professional, Mellanox UFM, UNIVA Grid Engine, ScaleMP vSMP, Ganglia


One-to-N user interface - the industry’s leading cluster GUI and command-line-interface.

A system admin can click-select a set of servers and groups for cloning, managing or monitoring thousands of servers at once.

Choose one server and replicate its image over N servers in the cluster. Insight CMU can clone a thousand servers in less than half an hour

Remote management

Choose one set of commands or scripts and execute them on N servers with a single mouse-click. View text outputs in separate windows for each server, or scalably merged into one output stream clearly displaying server-specific differences.

Choose, with one click per sensor, to display real-time metrics for N servers in a pie-chart format or in a 3D tubular display designed for optimal display of data-collections over time

Display historical metric data

Configure alerts to cause threshold-triggered actions

Extensible menu of common cluster operations

A default drop-down menu of commands includes power on/off, firmware installation, parallel distributed shell and unattended Linux installation.

Simple file-edits can be used to add operations to the menu

Scalable performance

Hierarchical ultra-lightweight cloning and monitoring operations are automatically done and displayed in parallel.

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