Would you like to dramatically reduce the system downtime typically required to perform HP-UX 11i v2 and v3 operating system maintenance and updates? Reduce your system downtime, update your operating environment, and enhance your protection with HP Dynamic Root Disk (DRD). HP Dynamic Root Disk (DRD) clones an HP-UX system image to an inactive disk and performs system maintenance without taking your HP-UX system offline.

What's new

  • Increase deployment security with support for root disks that are configured and utilizing the features provided by Veritas File System/Volume Management 5.1SP1 software.
  • Reduce planned downtime for system maintenance and updates with faster reboots provided by Soft Reboot for Integrity Superdome 2 and Integrity Blade servers with DRD support.


Clone an HP-UX 11i v2 and v3 System Image to an Inactive Disk

HP Dynamic Root Disk (DRD) significantly reduces the downtime needed to perform HP-UX software maintenance. Perform system maintenance on the clone without taking the HP-UX offline.

Enable users to perform software updates during normal business hours or whenever convenient. Use the clone for system recovery if needed and use off-hours to quickly reboot after the desired changes have been made thus reducing downtime.

Reduce the downtime required for recovery from administrative errors. Automatically synchronizes the active image and the clone, reducing the need to manually update files on the clone.

Provision systems quickly and efficiently. Re-host the clone of a Logical Volume Manager (LVM) managed root on another system for testing and provisioning purposes.

Simplify testing. Perform an Operating Environment (OE) update on the clone from an older version of HP-UX 11i v3 to HP-UX 11i v3 update 4 or later.

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