Are you new to software packaging or are you an experienced administrator who wants to simplify the software packaging process? HP Software Package Builder (SPB) provides a visual, simple method for creating and editing software packages with HP-UX Software Distributor format. Packaged software can easily be transferred to a distribution medium, mass produced, and installed by administrators.

The SPB graphical user interface shows you which attributes can be set for each package element. SPB loads packaging policies and validates the attributes against the policies.

The SPB command line interface can validate software package attributes against packaging policies. Editing and product specification file validation can be automated.


Visual, User-Friendly Method for Creating and Editing Software Packages

HP Software Package Builder (SPB) uses a graphical user interface (GUI) that makes it easy to set attribute values that define the software package characteristics, including revision, architecture, file permissions and dependencies.
Creates a product specification file (PSF) to organize files into products, file sets, and optionally, into bundles and sub products.
Validates a PSF against packaging policies to verify a successful installation with the software package command and creation of an SD-UX depot.
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