Do your HP Integrity systems need to connect to a wide range of storage devices with ever-increasing capabilities? HP-UX Mass Storage Stack simplifies storage management, increases system performance and provides immense scalability. With the Mass Storage Stack Agile View feature, disk devices and tape drives are identified as actual objects, rather than a hardware path to the object.


Simplify Storage Management, Increase System Performance, Provide Immense Scalability and Resiliency

HP-UX Mass Storage Stack streamlines and simplifies storage management by automatically configuring LUNs, providing agile addressing (persistent LUN binding) and user friendly aliases for LUNs in a Serviceguard cluster, and supporting storage isolation in Integrity VM and vPars environments.
Increases scalability by providing a greater number of LUNs, LUN paths, and LUN sizes. Theoretically, up to 16 million LUNs and up to a total of 4 billion LUN paths can be addressed. Supports very large SAN configurations and helps take advantage of large multi-processor servers.
Enhances performance by providing for optimized I/O bandwidth through multi-pathing and load balancing, offers dramatic reduction of I/O scan times via parallelization, and provides target port congestion management to raise I/O response times.
Improves resiliency by using advanced LUN path monitoring to remove failed items and to add recovered I/O paths to optimize load balancing and continued operation.
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