Do you need to manage your HP Converged Infrastructure from VMware? HP OneView for VMware vCenter, the rebranded HP Insight Control for VMware vCenter solution, seamlessly integrates the manageability features of HP ProLiant, BladeSystem, Virtual Connect and Storage with VMware solutions. Gain deep insight and control of virtualized HP Converged Infrastructure environment—reducing the time it takes to make important changes, increase capacity or manage planned and unplanned downtime.

When used with the automation power of HP OneView, best practices for a Converged Infrastructure can be defined once and reused many times and provision an entire cluster with compute and storage fully configured in five easy steps. New integrations in VMware vCenter Operations Manager and Log Insight are also available and deliver powerful Analytics and deeper troubleshooting tools to your VMware administrators.

What's new

  • HP OneView and Insight Control licensed Servers and HP Storage are managed together under VMware vCenter with HP OneView for VMware vCenter
  • Supports the latest release of HP OneView version 2.0
  • VMware vSphere 6.0 and vRealize Operations 6.1 support
  • ProLiant Gen9 server support with HP OneView, including server profile based deployment with Grow Cluster
  • Simple dashboard view for HP HyperConverged appliance
  • Performance enhancements for medium to large HP Storage environments


Seamlessly Integrate Key Converged Management Capabilities in VMware vCenter Solutions

HP OneView for VMware vCenter simplifies administration with easy access in VMware vCenter Server client to health, inventory, and configuration monitoring. You can combine physical and virtual views of your virtualized infrastructure, within the VMware vCenter.

Visually trace and monitor your infrastructure network end-to-end, from the host all the way to the individual network modules connected within your domain, delivering comprehensive management of the network making it easy for you to review and change any HP-specific information.

View and monitor the configuration of your HP Arrays portfolio by diving into detailed tables that provide the relationship between volumes to LUN connections to your virtual machines or ESX server hosts.

With HP OneView for VMware vCenter Operations Manager, critical trend changes are surfaced up. Includes dashboards that facilitate the identification of root cause problems and impacted resources across the Converged Infrastructure.

Reduce Planned and Unplanned Downtime with Automated Responses

With HP OneView for VMware vCenter you can automate actions on alerts. Receive pre-failure and failure alerts on HP server components and automate evacuation of VMs based on events that affect your physical systems. Templates are provided and ready to be configured.

You can take control by invoking HP remote management tools, such as iLO, Onboard Administrator, Virtual Connect Manager and Systems Insight Manager, in-context of the host you have selected, directly from the vCenter console.

Accelerate configuration of VMware host networking and Virtual Connect by viewing required host networking changes and synchronizing configuration with a single click.

HP OneView for VMware vCenter Operations Manager and HP OneView for VMware Log Insight allows even faster troubleshooting of your environment when problems occurs.

Increase Capacity on Demand for Provisioning and Deployment

With HP OneView for VMware vCenter, deploy ESX/ESXi hosts on bare-metal HP ProLiant Servers directly from VMware vCenter with a simple right click on a cluster or deploy VMware hypervisor on a bare-metal server. When completed, your new hypervisor is added to the appropriate cluster.

Let HP OneView for VMware vCenter assist in provisioning your HP storage. Add new datastore, delete or expand an existing datastore, create new VMs from template, or clone existing VMs.

When used with HP OneView licensed hosts and HP 3PAR Storage, the process for provisioning server and storage together is fully automated from a simple 5 step wizard.

Maintain Stability and Reliability of Your Environment

Use HP OneView for VMware vCenter to maintain stability by monitoring and deploying firmware on HP ProLiant ESXi hosts that have the HP software bundle installed.

HP OneView for VMware vCenter offers role-base security. You can assign permission to Single-sign on using the three role levels part of VMware vCenter server to segment the level of access and control.

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