Need some help managing your IT? Increase efficiency, reduce operator training, and improve productivity with HP Serviceguard Manager. Serviceguard Manager simplifies cluster configuration, monitoring, and administration.

By automating many manual processes, the potential for human error to cause interruptions to your business is significantly reduced. Since Serviceguard Manager maintains configuration files on all cluster nodes and provides helpful tools, tips, and a wizard to automate and guide, even a novice user can get through everything they need to do to set up and maintain the most complex environment.

It is available as a standalone application and as a Web-based HP System Management Homepage (HP

What's new

  • Speed deployment of Metrocluster 3PAR Disaster Recovery Solution through Serviceguard Manager with new Easy Deployment


Reduces the Amount of Time and Money Spent Managing Your IT

HP Serviceguard Manager manages your cluster however works best for you, with the option of an intuitive graphical interface or a straight forward command line interface.
Reduce complexity and save time by configuring, administering and monitoring your cluster from a single point of access in your datacenter or online.
Protect your mission-critical workloads with role-based access integrated into the Serviceguard Manager.
Enjoy easy deployment through the Serviceguard Manager GUI greatly simplifies set-up. Especially for SGeSAP, guided package creation can simplify the set-up of SAP clusters by pre-populating configuration parameters.

Compatible with Serviceguard Extensions, Toolkits and Disaster Recovery Solutions

HP Serviceguard Manager utilizes the simplicity of your toolkits and extension with management of Serviceguard Extension for Oracle Real Application Cluster (SGeRAC), Serviceguard Extension for SAP (SGeSAP), the Enterprise Cluster Master Toolkit (ECMT), and the Network File Server (NFS) Toolkit.
Enjoy full compatibility with Serviceguard Metrocluster and Continentalclusters Disaster Recovery Solutions to provide simplicity even during failovers.
Provide integration with other plug-ins to HP System Management Homepage (SMH) such as FSWEB for easy storage configuration.
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