Are you looking for a way to setup and monitor your NFS services ensuring minimal interruption? HP Serviceguard Toolkit for NFS provides the configuration files and control scripts necessary to use HP Serviceguard with highly available Network File System (NFS) servers and is easily customized for your unique environment. During failure, a special health monitor script can issue a restart on the local node or trigger the NFS server package containing exported file systems to move to a different node in the cluster with minimal service disruption for users.

The client system hangs until the NFS server package comes up on the adoptive node, and with the return of service, the application can continue access to the file.


Use HP Serviceguard to Set Up and Monitor Highly Available NFS Servers

HP Serviceguard Toolkit for NFS allows you to start, stop, and monitor a Network File System (NFS) in a Serviceguard cluster environment.
Provides a set of shell scripts used by the package control script to start, stop, and monitor NFS daemons.
Simplifies the process of making NFS exports highly available by integrating NFS with Serviceguard.
Responds to failures and minimizes their disruption by issuing either a restart or moving the NFS server package to a different node in the cluster.
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