Is a highly available Oracle® RAC environment crucial to your continued success? HP Serviceguard Extension for RAC (SGeRAC) provides you a more available and full range of storage management options within the Oracle® RAC environment.


Increase Availability and Data Integrity

HP Serviceguard Extension for RAC (SGeRAC) enhances cluster availability and increase failure detection times with HP Serviceguard Extension for RAC (SGeRAC).
Experience rich integration with HP Serviceguard Disaster Recovery Solutions including three data center architectures.
Improve network link availability by leveraging HP Serviceguard network monitoring and failover capabilities.
Boost data integrity through HP Volume Managers.

Increase Performance and Storage Capabilities

HP Serviceguard Extension for RAC (SGeRAC) leverages the full aggregate processing power of up to 16 nodes to access your database.
Improve the overall throughput for query-intensive applications through this increased processing power.
Offers any of four storage management options for Oracle RAC: Cluster File System (CFS), Shared Logical Volume Manager (SLVM), Cluster Volume Manager (CVM) and Automated Storage Management (ASM) on SLVM and raw volumes.
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