Is a highly available SAP environment crucial to your continued success? Would even the slightest interruption, whether planned or unplanned, cost you time and money? Expand HP Serviceguard's powerful failover capabilities to your SAP environments with HP Serviceguard Extension for SAP (SGeSAP). SGeSAP constantly monitors the health of your SAP cluster and responds automatically to any threats.

Built on more than 13 years of collaboration and world-class support from both HP and SAP, Serviceguard Extension for SAP is fully tested, approved and endorsed by SAP to minimize implementation risks. You can integrate SAP with Serviceguard, Serviceguard disaster recovery solutions, HP-UX virtualization capabilities, and various storage solutions to optimize your operations with the highest reliability.

What's new

  • Ensure your SAP environment stays available with the latest certification from SAP, SAP Application Server HA Interface Certification via SAP integration scenario NW-HA-CLU 730


Experience the High Availability of Serviceguard for Your SAP Environment

HP Serviceguard Extension for SAP (SGeSAP) provides automatic failover to another system and immediately restarts the application so you can continue working— without compromising data.
Reduce the setup time of your Serviceguard cluster as SGeSAP automatically discovers the SAP components of your system and per populates them into the SG Manager.
Split up your SAP components to prioritize the failover order and facilitate daily monitoring.
Upgrade your operating system or middleware and install patches during routine maintenance without interrupting business. You can failover to another system in the cluster and return to full functionality when maintenance is completed.
Purchasing SGeSAP gives you a single point of contact for support even though the solution comes from two vendors, and when you purchase with technical support from HP you receive automatic upgrades.

Smooth Your Operations with Full Integration of Major HP-UX Components

HP Serviceguard Extension for SAP (SGeSAP) eases the deployment and configuration of high-end complex SAP environments through integration with SGeRAC.
Optimize your SAP application utilization through the SGeSAP integration with HP-UX virtualization, Virtual Machines and Virtual Partitions.
Protect your SAP environment across distances as your SGeSAP protection is integrated and extended to the Serviceguard Disaster Recovery solutions.
Protect the SAP central instance, SAP system central services, SAP dialog instances, SAP replication instances, SAP liveCache, SAP MDM, and underlying Oracle, IBM DB2, or SAP MaxDB databases.
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