Do you want to enhance your mission-critical Oracle Database or RAC environment? HP Serviceguard Storage Management Suite (SG SMS) enhances availability, performance, and manageability for Oracle Database and Oracle RAC environments on HP-UX 11i. SG SMS achieves these enhancements by integrating HP Serviceguard—a tested and proven UNIX® high-availability product—with Veritas Storage FoundationTM technologies by Symantec®.


Enhance Performance and Data Integrity

HP Serviceguard Storage Management Suite improves the performance of up to 10x-near “raw-volume” performances while increasing the manageability of a filesystem including expanding the filesystem up to 32 TB with support of larger filesystems and volumes.
SG SMS automatically maps mission critical data to the highest performance storage using policy-based tiered storage.
SG SMS reduces storage costs by transparently relocating data to different classes of storage based on the data’s importance and how often it is accessed with Serviceguard SM for Oracle Premium.
Decreases administration time and effort by up to 75% based on lab testing and customer experience using a 4-node cluster.
Simplifies cluster, storage and application manageability and provides greater control of online storage management.

Increase Availability and Avoid Downtime

HP Serviceguard Storage Management Suite shrinks planned maintenance time as applications can be moved among servers, keeping the applications available during software and hardware updates.
Offers highly available application services by enabling multiple servers, partitions, or virtual machines to be grouped into clusters through integration of SG SMS and HP-UX virtualization.
Reduces storage-related downtime and improves storage utilization by grouping physical disks into logical volumes gaining more control of online storage management.
Recovers quickly from human error and other surprises with the ability to reduce data backup recovery from hours to minutes through the use of storage check-pointing capabilities.
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