Do you want to extend the availability of your Serviceguard environment to multiple locations across distances? HP Serviceguard Extended Distance Cluster (EDC) increases your workload availability with the ability to cluster two of your data centers up to 100km or 62 miles apart with HP Serviceguard Extended Distance Cluster. This product is complementary with the license of HP Serviceguard, providing you with disaster recovery failover solution to protect your business at no extra cost.


Enhance Data and Application Availability in Your Data Centers at No Additional Cost

HP Serviceguard Extended Distance Cluster (EDC) protects your data centers from local disasters and outages by clustering two data centers up to 100km or 62 miles apart.
Choose automatic or manual failovers to best fit your data center needs.
Secure the integrity of your data with synchronous data replication.
Experience flexibility in your storage choices with the simplicity of host based replication.

Benefit from the Integration with Various Components of Your Data Center

HP Serviceguard Extended Distance Cluster (EDC) increases data availability by connecting to all storage in both data centers.
Reduce disaster recovery cost up to 25% via integration with HP Global Instant Capacity.
Optimize resource utilization via integration with Matrix Operating Environment for HP-UX.
Tailor it to work for Oracle® RAC environments with EBD and RAC integration capabilities.
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