Would you like to keep all of your HP-UX software compliant with the latest HP security bulletins and patches without the hassle of manual analysis? HP-UX Software Assistant (SWA) consolidates and simplifies patch and security bulletin management on HP-UX systems and performs scheduled checks for published security issues, installed patches with warnings, and missing patches with critical fixes. With completed analysis, SWA lists recommended patches and patch bundles, creating a download repository depot that is ready for installation.

Reports can be scheduled periodically so that new updates and threats are addressed promptly.


Reduces the Time Required by Administrators to Analyze Software on HP-UX Systems

Can be utilized from the command line and supports integration with the Systems Insight Manager (SIM), providing enhancements for multi-system patching and analysis.
Produces reports that identify issues, systems affected by each issue, recommended actions and the locations of related solutions.
Creates a report-driven repository depot of downloadable patches and patch bundles, which can be downloaded either automatically or manually.
Schedules regular SWA reports so that new issues and threats can be identified and addressed promptly.
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