Do you need a robust, highly-available infrastructure for your Oracle® E-Business Suite? HP Serviceguard Extension for Oracle E-Business Suite (SGeEBS) enables plug-and-play application integration with exceptionally high availability across the Oracle E-Business Suite of enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), and supply-chain management (SCM) applications. It handles the complexities of Oracle EBS, enabling you to address both planned and unplanned downtime automatically and transparently.


Increase Availability and Resource Utilization

HP Serviceguard Extension for Oracle e-Business Suite (SGeEBS) extends HP Serviceguard’s failover capabilities to Oracle EBS as they fully scale to meet your disaster recovery needs.
Decrease up to 12 hours of planned downtime for Oracle EBS maintenance every month.
Improve resource utilization and costs by integrating with HP Insight Dynamics—VSE.
Monitor and restore Oracle EBS and its 200+ applications.
Protect both the database and the applications.

Reduce Time and Effort Spent on Management

HP Serviceguard Extension for Oracle e-Business Suite (SGeEBS) takes advantage of plug-and-play application integration to deploy high availability for Oracle EBS in 2 days instead of 30 reducing time up to 93%.
Zero customer coding is needed for this application integration solution.
Mitigate implementation risks associated with integrating Oracle EBS into Serviceguard.
Reduce impact of human error with less dependency on expertise.
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