Would you like to enjoy the full benefits of Oracle Data Guard and HP Serviceguard on an HP-UX system with minimal effort? HP Serviceguard Toolkit for Oracle Data Guard simplifies the integration of Oracle Data Guard and HP Serviceguard with zero custom coding. Administrators rely on Oracle Data Guard, a host based data replication software for Oracle Database, to increase performance, simplify operations, deliver immediate access to data replicas, and lower costs with standby copies of the database.

HP Serviceguard toolkit for Oracle Data Guard allows Oracle Data Guard to be implemented within a Serviceguard cluster, providing robust, high availability for this critical database administration tool.


Implement Oracle Data Guard Within a Serviceguard Cluster With Zero Custom Coding

HP Serviceguard Toolkit for Oracle Data Guard reduces the time, cost and effort required to integrate Oracle Data Guard into a Serviceguard cluster.
Provides a set of shell scripts that allow Data Guard to build a comprehensive set of services that create, maintain, manage, and monitor one or more standby databases, enabling production Oracle databases to survive disasters and data corruption.
Minimizes downtime and data loss in your mission critical environment by complementing the high availability provided by Oracle Data Guard.
Allows workload management, Instant Capacity, and other HP ID–VSE technologies to be controlled in concert with Serviceguard and Oracle Data Guard replication.
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