Do you need an easy solution for migrating applications from your HP 9000 servers to HP Integrity servers? HP ARIES (Automatic Retranslation and Integrated Environment Simulation) eases migration with no user intervention. ARIES provides you a complete and simplified development environment for HP 9000 on the HP Integrity platform by monitoring and delivering an accurate transition of applications


Simplify and Accelerate Your Migration to HP Integrity Platforms.

The HP ARIES streamlines your migration from HP 9000 servers to HP Integrity servers by eliminating the need to recompile existing applications.
Delivers accuracy and performance for emulated applications and supports “all user mode” HP 9000 applications, both 32-bit and 64-bit.
Reduces costs by accelerating your shift from HP 9000 servers and simplifying consolidation efforts, running either multiple containers within one HP-UX instance on Integrity or by using a combination of Integrity VM, HP-UX Virtual Partitions and HP nPartitions.

Save Time and Effort in Your Migration

The HP ARIES increases application availability, eliminating the need to rediscover application dependencies, configuration or environment. Save time by simply exporting the entire HP 9000 ecosystem/environment over to Integrity and execute.
Provides a dynamic and transparent conversion without user intervention or re-compilation of HP 9000 applications.
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